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Smart home devices enable you to create the ideal environment in your home and surroundings. Whether you want the lights dimmed to a certain level or even adjust the radio to switch on to your favourite station in time for a specific program, the best smart home device can automate all these tasks. Home devices or gadgets not only make life easier, but they also ensure you can save energy, time, and money. Being careless about the power consumption of your appliances can exact a heavy toll on your home budget. Not switching off these devices adds up to a lot in the long term in your electricity bill. A small investment into these smart devices can make these daily errors forgivable, as they allow you to control your devices from anywhere on the planet.

There’s an enormous choice in each of these different types of premium home devices, so we’ve put the most popular models to the test, and rounded up those that can drive your home automation to the next level.

Blaupunkt Cybersound Smart TV 55 CSA 7090

The Blaupunkt 4K TV, 55 inches, features a powerful 60 W speaker that supports Dolby Digital and Dolby TruSurround technologies to offer an immersive aural experience with a deep and aesthetic surrounding sound. Manufactured in India and loud and proud by Super Plastronics, this German-established TV brand is our best pick in the list of Smart TVs. Furthermore, Blaupunkt TV is equipped with a Dolby MS12 Audio System that improves audio content with the help of Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, and DTX:X technologies. This audio system enhances virtual sound, tunes the speakers, and provides advanced audio solutions that bring surround sound to life in every division. The bezel-less design of this TV seamlessly blends into your style, enhancing your viewing experience and the look of your room, which makes it our must-have pick for your next TV.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

This Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a class of smart displays that can be used to enhance the inner d├ęcor of the home. The screen is used to show time only, but it has some additional features or information such as weather analytics. But, what makes it unique is that it’s a full-fledged smart speaker with access to Google Assistant and the ability to play music through voice commands. Interestingly. it also has a small but very useful night light, making this the ideal device for your bedside table suitable for the nighttime.

Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag is small, needs an iOS device to setup and work with, and is really meant to do absolutely nothing once you’ve set it up and have attached it to a personal item. However, this is what makes it so interesting, since it helps you keep track of and find personal items such as a wallet, keys, or backpack. It runs on the widely available CR2032 battery which is user-replaceable, and works with the Find My app on iOS.

It’s expensive and functionality is limited to the Apple ecosystem, but the AirTag is a useful tool to have if you tend to misplace your personal belongings often. Unlike most IoT products that work with Wi-Fi, the AirTag uses Bluetooth to communicate with other devices, but can interestingly use any connected iOS device to help broadcast its location with reasonable accuracy, earning its place on our list.

Amazon Echo Studio

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