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If you’re in the market for a new eReader, you’ll soon be able to have more options as Rakuten Kobo has just announced that they’ll be launching their devices in Malaysia. Rakuten will also be launching a localised bookstore in Malaysia, so users will be able to to check out eBooks and audiobooks which include local content.

There will be four eReaders from Rakuten Kobo coming to Malaysia, which include their latest Kobo Clara 2E—an eco-friendly eReader built out of ocean-bound and recycled plastic. It also has an IPX8 rating for water resistance, with all your reading done via the 6-inch 1072 x 1448p e-ink Carta 1200 touchscreen display. Rakuten Kobo claims weeks of battery life, and the Clara 2E also features WiFI 5 and Bluetooth connectivity, along with 16GB of storage and a USB-C port for power.

Other models coming to Malaysia include the more entry level Kobo Nia, which as a 6-inch 758 x 1024p e-ink touchscreen display, 8GB of storage, WiFi 4 and microUSB connectivity. There’s also the more premium Kobo Libra 2, which has a larger 7-inch, 1264 x 1680p e-ink Carta 1200 touchscreen display, WiFi 4, Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity, as well as an IPX8 rating and 32GB of storage.

Kobo Nia

The top of the range Kobo Sage meanwhile has an 8-inch 1440 x 1920p e-ink Carta 1200 touchscreen display, along with WiFi 5, Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity. There’s also an IPX8 rating, 32GB of storage and a battery rated for weeks of usage.

Kobo Sage

Kobo Libra 2

“As Kobo expands into new markets, we see that the interest in eReading continues to grow around the world, and we are thrilled to offer readers in Malaysia a new digital reading option with access to local and internationally acclaimed books.

Our fulsome eReader line-up is tailored to suit digital readers at every stage, with easy-to-use entry-level devices up to our top tier eReaders. The newly launched Kobo Clara 2E, provides the great reading experience Kobo is known for, while also taking an important step toward sustainability.” – Michael Tamblyn, Rakuten Kobo CEO

Those interested will be able to find them on sale at the Kobo website, as well as their retail partners nationwide such as Mono Digital, Flash Gadgets, All IT, Quantum Gadgets and Popular Malaysia. Here’s how much they’ll cost you:

  • Kobo Nia – RM499
  • Kobo Clara 2E – RM699
  • Kobo Libra 2 – RM929
  • Kobo Sage – RM1,299

For more information on Rakuten Kobo’s new eReaders, you can check out their website here.

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