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I’ve long argued that gaming peripherals double as great work-from-home accessories, but what happens when a gaming company actually makes productivity gear? That’s exactly what Razer has delivered with the $169 Pro Type Ultra keyboard, $79 Pro Click Mini mouse and $29 Pro Glide XXL mouse mat: three subdued, designed-for-work gadgets from a brand whose stuff is typically laden with flashy lights.

I’ve been using Razer’s new accessories as my main work tools for the past month or so, and have largely come away impressed despite a few notable caveats. If you’re looking for some new gear for upgrading your home office — or returning to your in-person one — here’s how the Pro Type Ultra, Pro Click Mini and Pro Glide all stack up.

An impressive productivity keyboard

Razer’s Pro Type Ultra features responsive keys, useful productivity features and excellent wireless functionality.

A compact, quiet mouse for the office

The Razer Pro Click Mini is an excellent computer mouse with a compact design and nearly silent click buttons.

Mike Andronico/CNN

The Razer Pro Type Ultra keyboard is made with getting work done in mind, and that starts with its slick design. With its aluminum body and bright white keys, it looks like a modern take on those giant Mac keyboards you may have used in your school’s computer lab (at least if you’re like me and old enough to remember such a thing). When paired with the Pro Click Mini mouse and Pro Glide mouse mat, the Pro Type Ultra makes my home office actually look like an office and less like a black desk laden with RGB toys.

Fortunately, the Pro Type Ultra keyboard does more than look the part, with keys that are comfortable and responsive — even if they’re not my absolute favorite to use. The Pro Type Ultra’s keys are tall, offer a good amount of travel and deliver a satisfying level of feedback whenever I’m rapidly mashing away at my latest review. These solid keys are complemented by a wonderfully cushy leatherette wrist rest, which spans the entire length of the keyboard and has kept my wrist pain-free throughout prolonged use. I still prefer the lower-profile, less resistant keys on the Logitech G915 TKL that I typically use, but I’ve still been happy to use the Pro Type Ultra as my main keyboard for more than a month.

However, if working quietly was a priority for me, I might not feel the same. For a keyboard that has Razer’s “Silent” keyboard switches, the Pro Type Ultra is about as noisy as most mechanical gaming keyboards I’ve used — and a hair louder than my G915 TKL. As someone who works from …….

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/09/cnn-underscored/razer-pro-type-ultra-review/index.html


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