Redmi teases the impending K50 series as the first smartphones to launch with Bluetooth 5.3 –

Redmi hypes the K50s’ new Bluetooth specs. (Source: Redmi via Weibo)

Xiaomi has already indicated that its Redmi brand’s 2022 K50 flagship smartphones will launch with some of MediaTek’s latest Dimensity SoCs. Now, the OEM has pointed out that this will also make them the world’s first Bluetooth 5.3 mobile devices. They are also now slated to support a new audio codec on top of that.

Xiaomi’s main smartphone sub-brand Redmi has already hinted at upcoming K40-series successors that are to step up to the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 processor in 2022, not to mention the possibility of the 9000 for a top-end model. Now, the OEM has revealed that the new chipsets will unlock a potentially compelling upgrade for the phones in question.

Redmi has indeed announced that at least 1 K50-series variant will support Bluetooth 5.3, which is indeed a spec of both the 8100 and 9000. This, according to the brand, will make the phone or phones in question the first to launch with the updated wireless tech.

On that note, neither will be the first 9000-powered smartphone; despite this, OPPO does not mention any new Bluetooth-related attributes on its Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition product page. Nevertheless, Redmi is already busily touting the potential advantages of the new 5.3 standard with respect to the K50 line.

They include reduced latency compared to Bluetooth 5.2, while being more power-efficient and more resistant to interference by comparison. Redmi has also now revealed that the K50 series will introduce support for the Low Complexity Communications Codec (or LC3).

This new block-based transform method is rated for unlimited audio channels, as well as a wide range (8 to 48kHz) of sampling rates and 16-/24-/32-bit depth per audio sample. Accordingly, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) touts it as capable of “higher quality” when using the same rates as SBC, or “even better quality at a much lower data rate“.

To date, it is not clear if Redmi has been able to pack all of these properties into its inaugural takes on Bluetooth 5.3 and the LC3 codec. Nevertheless, it is nearly guaranteed to go over what it can offer in effusive detail on March 17, 2022 at the K50 launch event.

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