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For music fans, there’s never been a better moment to invest in a powerful, portable speaker. Brands from Bose to Sonos have helped make it easier to stream playlists on the go with new Bluetooth speakers that sound great and last for hours on end. But if you’re shopping for one that combines rugged durability with the kind of rock & roll sound and style you get with an amp, Marshall has discounted some of its top-rated Bluetooth speakers this week, including one of our editors’ favorite: the Emberton.

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Buy: Marshall Emberton Speaker $119.99

Marshall has slashed the price of the original top-rated Emberton Bluetooth speaker to $119.99 — a 29 percent discount that saves you $50 at checkout off the retail price. It’s on sale on both Amazon and Marshall’s site at the time of this writing. We don’t see a lot of discounts on Marshall’s gear, so this is a rare promotion you don’t want to miss.

Weighing under a couple pounds, this compact speaker can produce a rich sound and a rumbling amount of bass for its small frame. Along with the similar-sized Sonos Roam SL (another one of our editors’ favorite Bluetooth speakers that goes for $159), it’s one of the best-looking, badass little speakers you can buy.

The Marshall Emberton can pair to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet over Bluetooth, so you can rock out literally all over your house. But don’t mistake this handheld wireless speaker for an indoors-only piece of audio tech — it’s seriously rugged, durable, and ready to stand up to the elements outside.

That’s not an exaggeration either. We actually have tested the Emberton for nearly a year, and it’s still going strong, playing tunes loud and clear through rain, intense heat and sunlight, and months of dust. The Emberton has a water-resistant shell, and even after we’ve dunked it into a pool for a few minutes, it still played as if nothing happened (though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend making it a habit for your audio gear).

It doesn’t have any trouble pairing to our phone, and the audio connection doesn’t cut out. The company designed the speaker with a 32-foot connection range.

One of the biggest reasons we love the speaker: its long-lasting runtime. Marshall claims it can play around 20 hours per charge. After leaving it outside as one of our main portable outdoor speakers, we’ve rarely needed to charge it up. It’s even lasted for entire weekends during camping trips and beach days alike. You can tell when it’s running low on battery life thanks to the indicator on top of the speaker. Running short on time and need some extra juice? Plug it in for around 20 minutes, and you can get up to five hours of battery life.

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