Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra review: Bigger, bolder, better – Gadgets Now

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra comes with S Pen support which enables users to make most of the device. Samsung has paired an improved S Pen with the tablet. The new S Pen uses a prediction algorithm for ultra-low latency and it offers an amazing writing experience. The S Pen magnetically attaches to the rear of the tablet; it also charges itself in the same way. We found it really cool as the magnetic attachment prevents the S Pen from getting misplaced and also you don’t have to charge it separately to use.

Speaking about the functionality, the S Pen is very convenient to use and its ergonomic shape and design offers a firm grip to the user. You can use the accessory for taking notes, navigating through menus and also for sketching. The S Pen performs very well during sketching. It comes with pressure sensitivity, which means that you can press the stylus harder to get thicker lines and softer for thinner lines. Samsung has also partnered with the Clip Studio Paint and this can turn the tablet into a digital colour palette and S Pen into a paintbrush. You are also allowed to choose brush options, and even select vivid real-world colours from pictures taken on your synced phone.

The tablet also comes with the Penup app that allows you to digitally colour various artworks and destress yourself. Along with this, Samsung has also added some useful software tricks to the S Pen for a better user experience. The S Pen now offers the ability to translate text by highlighting. You can also take screenshots in different shapes using the stylus. Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can also easily convert handwritten text into digital text.



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