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Smart lighting can be expensive, with some bulbs and kits costing as much as £170. That’s why we’d like to draw your attention to a deal currently offered at John Lewis, where many individual Philips Hue lights have been reduced by between £30 and £95.

One of the best smart lighting systems out there today, Philips Hue includes a broad range of bulb types and sizes. There’s white and full-colour options available, plus decorative filament-style bulbs, LED light strips, and even weatherproof smart lighting for your garden.

They can all be controlled from the Hue smartphone app via a direct Bluetooth connection, or from anywhere in the world thanks to the Hue Bridge (£29.99,, which is a hub that connects to your Wi-Fi router and gives the smart light system an internet connection. You can then ask voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant to control the bulbs.

Or you can take a more conventional approach with wall-mounted wireless dimmer switches (£17.99, and motion sensors (£42.59,, also offered by Philips Hue.

The deal at John Lewis applies to several different types of Hue bulb, and in some cases means they cost as little as £13 each.

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Which Philips Hue bulbs are included in the deal?

There are several Hue offers currently available at John Lewis, with discounts ranging from as little as £35 to as much as £95, depending on what you purchase. All of these deals require you to buy two or three of the same item to qualify, and then apply a code to enter at the checkout. Helpfully, the website states the deal and shows which code to use in the description of qualifying Hue products. And here we’ve rounded up the best offers to get now.

Philips Hue white B39 E14 Edison screw bulb: Was £74.97 for three, now £39.97,


  • Colour: White, dimmable
  • Fitting type: E14
  • Lifetime: 25,000 hours
  • Shape: Candle
  • Lumens: 470

This hue bulb is white-only instead of being full-colour, but for the majority of use cases that’s all you really need. It can still be dimmed and adjusted from a warm, orange glow to a cool, bright white via the Hue smartphone app, or buy speaking to your voice assistant of choice.

Being Bluetooth, this bulb can connect directly to your smartphone to be controlled. However, to unlock all features (and control it while away from home) you’ll need to purchase the Hue Bridge hub (£44.99, And to make sure you get the dicount, use code “HUE35” at checkout.

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Philips Hue colour GU10 bulb: Was £164.97 for three, now £129.97,


  • Colour: Full colour
  • Fitting type: GU10
  • Lifetime: 15,000
  • Shape: Spotlight
  • Lumens: 350

These pricier, full-colour GU10 spotlight bulbs usually cost £54.99 each, but when three are purchased from John Lewis and the deal is applied, the per-bulb cost falls to just over £43. The same savings can also be had on full-colour versions of B39 and A60 bulbs, too. Again, you’ll need to use code “HUE35” at checkout.

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