SENA Snowtalk 2 Bluetooth snow helmet headset has a built-in intercom for up to 4 people – Gadget Flow

January 31, 2022 by No Comments

Chat with friends and stay aware of their location on the mountain when you use the SENA Snowtalk 2 Bluetooth snow helmet headset. Install it easily in the earpod of your snowboard or ski helmet. Then you’ll have up to 6.5 hours of talk time. Moreover, this Bluetooth communication system provides convenient intercom abilities. In fact, its built-in microphone and intercom can communicate with up to 4 other people via Bluetooth. Not only that, but you can use it for music playback as well. Simply pair it with your smartphone to listen to music as well as take calls. With a working distance of up to 700 meters, it keeps you connected even when someone’s on the bunny hills and you’re on the Black Diamond.



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