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Take care of your health while maintaining your style with these fashionable smart health gadgets. They combine the best of health, smarts, and design.

You want to keep a closer eye on your health but aren’t crazy about wearing a bulky fitness tracker. We get it and offer help with a comprehensive list of fashionable smart health gadgets.

These days, health gadgets don’t have to spoil your look. There’s a wide variety of health-tracking smartwatches with a barely-there design—or that disguised themselves as something else. Check out the Bellabeat Ivy to see what we mean.

And good-looking health-tracking gadgets aren’t just about wearables. This list also features health gadgets that add to your home’s look. They’re devices you won’t want to stash in the closet the moment visitors drop by.

You don’t have to compromise your aesthetics to stay healthy; just check out the gadgets below.

1. The Capstone Smart Mirror is futuristic tech for your bedroom or bathroom. Use it to watch exercise and meditation tutorials and so much more.

Capstone Smart Mirror in a home

You’ll love taking care of your hygiene with the Capstone Smart Mirror. This high-tech mirror’s design is sleek and minimalist. It plays fitness, meditation, and any other video you want. You can also use it to view your calendar, check and write emails—the list keeps going.

Get it for $799 on the official website.

2. The Bellabeat Ivy smart wellness watch looks like a stone bracelet but measures your biometric data like activity, sleep, and hydration.

Bellabeat Ivy on a person’s wrist

One of our favorite fashionable smart health gadgets is the Bellabeat Ivy smart wellness watch. It’s an activity tracker that monitors respiratory rate, heart rate, sleep, menstrual cycle, hydration, and more. Since it doesn’t have a screen, no one knows it’s actually tech.

Get it for $249 on the official website.

3. The Wyze Scale S smart bathroom scale measures 11 different body composition insights. Plus, it blends in with your bathroom decor.

Wyze Scale S in a video

You won’t mind having the Wyze Scale S smart bathroom scale in your bathroom. In addition to weight, it also measures muscle mass, body fat, body water percentage, and other parameters. Recognizing up to eight users, your bathroom scale has never looked so great or done so much.

It’s coming soon on the official website.

4. The Amazfit PowerBuds fitness earbuds track your heart rate during exercise. It has a discreet, 2-in-1 design with 24 hours of battery life.

Amazfit PowerBuds in black

The Amazfit PowerBuds fitness earbuds made our fashionable smart health gadgets list because of their clever design. With their built-in PPG heart rate sensor and pro-level sports sound system, you can track your health while exercising to music.

Get them for $79.99 on Amazon.

5. The Meshed at-home on-demand massage device has a cool design, so you won’t mind having …….



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