Solar Eclipse 2022: Tips to capture photos using smartphones – Times of India

Several parts of the world will today witness the first partial solar eclipse. The phenomenon is also colliding with another celestial activity called Black Moon and according to NASA, the Black Moon will block the sunlight for some time during the day.
The solar eclipse will be visible in some parts of the Southern Hemisphere and people living in South America, Chile, Uruguay, southwestern Bolivia, Peru, some regions of southwestern Brazil and Argentina will be able to witness this celestial phenomenon.
According to NASA, the eclipse will also be visible from the South Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean regions. Unfortunately, people in India won’t be able to see this phenomenon.
If you are living in one of the above-mentioned regions and planning to capture the solar eclipse, here are some photography tips for you.

  • Don’t look at the eclipse without wearing polarised eyewear to protect your eyes
  • Use a protection film in front of the camera lens such as an X-ray or UV filter to avoid causing damage to the camera sensor
  • Don’t zoom in into the Eclipse as it may make your photo look pixelated and grainy
  • Choose 48MP or 64MP shooting mode, if available. Instead of zooming, you can crop high-resolution images for better clarity
  • Move to a clear and higher location for a better view of the eclipse
  • Use a tripod to keep your smartphone steady
  • Use a built-in self-timer or Bluetooth remote to capture the image
  • Use HDR mode to enhance the overall details of the photo
  • Tap on the Eclipse area on the smartphone screen and lower the exposure manually to boost details in the photo



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