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Sonos Move review: Not without its faults, but this is a stunning entry in the Sonos lineup (Image: SONOS) This article contains affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

Sonos Move is one of just two speakers from the popular US brand that works inside and outside of your home. Like the brilliant Sonos Roam, the Sonos Move offers a huge amount of flexibility – with its water-resistant case making it a perfect choice for pool and beach parties, while its stylish minimalist design looks superb back at home too.

The Sonos Move sounds stunning, whether you’re blasting your favourite playlist, listening intently to a podcast or audiobook, or streaming the radio.

Combining the smarts we’ve come to expect from Sonos with the flexibility of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming and a durable, IP56 water-resistant case, it’s not difficult to see why the Sonos Move is one of the best Sonos speaker deals out there. If you’re looking for a single speaker to listen around the house and take anywhere with you, Sonos Move ticks all of those boxes.

Although, with a price tag of £399, the Move isn’t the cheapest portable speaker on store shelves.

If you’re heavily invested in the Sonos ecosystem and want to take phenomenal sound quality on the road with you, Sonos Move is a brilliant choice. With far-field microphones for Alexa and Google Assistant, the Move also doubles up as a smart speaker that lets you control lightbulbs, thermostats, video doorbells, and control music playback with a quick voice command. If we’re nitpicking, we’d like to see a few more colour options, like the more affordable Sonos Roam, but that’s not a major issue.

Sonos Move offers superb sound quality, pairs perfectly with existing Sonos speakers, boasts a gorgeous (and surprisingly durable) design, and flexible ways to stream music wirelessly. Highly recommended.

Sonos Move review

For most people, listening to your favourite radio station in the kitchen, catching up on a podcast while tidying the bedroom, and streaming your favourite playlist over a picnic in the park requires at least two different gadgets. But the Sonos Move is designed to do it all – and much more.

Like the more affordable Sonos Roam, the Sonos Move is designed to fit seamlessly into any Sonos home audio system.

As such, you’ll be able to synchronise playback on the Sonos Move and other speakers throughout the house or use these connected speakers to play from a different audio source in every room. Volume can be adjusted for all speakers simultaneously or individually from the brilliant Sonos companion app on iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and Android.

When the Sonos Move is nestled in its wireless charging cradle, it works exactly like a Sonos One or Sonos Five. You’ll be able to start streaming to the speaker from the Sonos app, combine the Sonos Move with any speakers that are already playing, and wirelessly beam lossless audio using Apple AirPlay to the Move too.

Sonos Move has a reassuringly durable design that’s resistant to drops and water (Image: GETTY)

It’s worth noting that Sonos bundles the wireless charger for the Sonos Move in the box. That’s not the …….



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