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The year is almost done and it’s been a good one for tech (and for everything else, at least compared to the Coronavirus fest that was 2021). So what’s been the very best gadget-wise, this year? I’ve put together a list.

Read on for the best phones of 2022, the most essential gadget we all have. Then, there’s productivity tech, sound and vision, health and fitness gadgets, lifestyle tech and travel gadgets. I’ve tried to include the best-in-class winners alongside some items you might not have heard of, or even thought of. And at the end, find out what I think is the Best Gadget of 2022.

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Phones and tablets

Best smartphone

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

From $1,099 from

The biggest iPhone is also the best, thanks to all the advanced features it shares with the iPhone 14 Pro—which is better for smaller hands. The Max has longer battery life than its smaller sibling but is otherwise identical but for size, weight and price. The design matches last year’s iPhone 13 Pro, though there’s no longer a SIM card slot in US versions of the iPhone 14 series. And the cut-out at the top of the screen has been replaced with a smaller area which changes according to function. This is the Dynamic Island, and it’s very inviting.

The new iPhones have improved cameras on board, and the main camera now has a 48-megapixel sensor, for the first time on an Apple device. You can really see the difference: photos are detailed and rich, even in low light, and video benefits from a significantly improved image stabilization feature. Battery life is excellent (though the more affordable iPhone 14 Plus just edges it in some situations) and the new deep purple color is a winner.

Best folding phone

Motorola RAZR 22


Motorola RAZR 22

From $1,090 from

Although it’s not on sale in the United States yet, the Motorola RAZR 22 has now reached Europe. It’s terrific, fixing the problems of earlier folders by matching a stronger, more resilient build with a fast processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1) and 50-megapixel main camera.

It looks and feels great, fitting small pockets when folded but offering a 6.7-inch display, the same as the iPhone 14 Pro Max above, when open. This seems a much better use of a folding screen than the bigger folding phones which open from phone to tablet size. The design is striking, and the removal of the chin found on earlier models, and the original RAZR feature phone, is a welcome change.

Best cameraphone

Huawei Mate 50 Pro.


Huawei Mate 50 Pro

$1,450 from

Like other Huawei smartphones, this one has a sleek, attractive design. It’s still very hard to beat the photographic skills Huawei …….



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