Sony X-Series Bluetooth speakers launch in the US with up to 25 hours battery life –

The Sony wireless X-Series speakers are now available in the US. (Image source: Sony)

Sony has launched three new models from its X-Series in the US: the SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200. The portable Bluetooth speakers, with features like Ambient Noise Sensing, are designed for outdoor use. The gadgets have long-lasting batteries, with the XG300 capable of 25 hours of playback time.

Sony has added three new models to its wireless X-Series speaker range in the US: the SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200. As we previously reported, the speakers are portable, with the XG300 featuring a retractable handle and the XE200 fitted with a strap. You can connect to the devices via Bluetooth, which you can also use to link up to 100 compatible speakers.

The XG300 is marketed as bringing a club sound, with a MEGA BASS feature and clear high frequencies from a Front Tweeter. The gadget can also deliver a live audio experience with LIVE SOUND mode, and you can choose to turn on lighting synced with the rhythm of the track. The XE300 and XE200 speakers feature a Line-Shape Diffuser for even sound distribution and to provide sound for a wide area around the gadget. The devices have Ambient Noise Sensing technology to detect and adjust for sounds when you are outdoors.

The company claims the devices have a unique X-Balanced Speaker Unit and Dual Passive radiators to deliver strong bass with minimal distortion. All gadgets have long-lasting batteries; the XG300 has 25 hours of playback time, while the XE300 and XE200 last for 24 hours and 16 hours, respectively. You can Quick Charge the speakers, with a 10-minute charge providing 70 minutes of play. You can now buy the Sony SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200 speakers for US$349.99, US$199.99 and US$129.99, respectively.

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