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Attractive And Cute Design

The Tarbull SuperBuddy Rabbito is designed to attract children with its rabbit-like design. The speaker comes in two color options and I have received the blue variant for review. It can double as a night lamp with its soft glowing ears that can emit seven soothing colors during bedtime. This kid-friendly speaker is lightweight measuring 360 grams.

At the front, there is a prominent LED indicator on the forehead of the SuperBuddy Rabbito to indicate the charging status. It will glow in red when the speaker is plugged into the charger. Once the battery is completely recharged, it will turn off. There are controls such as microphone for voice commands, previous or next track, stories, music, and record. Also, there is a child lock button at the front.

Moving on to the rear of the Tarbull SuperBuddy Rabbito, you can see that there is a big speaker grille and the power or volume control. At the bottom, there is a micro USB port for charging. Also, there is a SD card slot that has to be opened using a screw driver.

What’s interesting is that the kid-friendly speaker does not have any cameras or screens to be concerned about the children’s safety. The only medium that it supports is audio.

Ample Features And Functionalities

Talking about its features and functionalities, the Tarbull SuperBuddy Rabbito is a magical speaker, which doubles as an entertainer, and storyteller. It could be the ideal companion for every child with its vast collection of content. There is a vast repository of content that is designed to inspire children to sing, dance, learn and be creative.

This speaker is preloaded with adventure stories, classic fairy tales, stories of great rulers, mythological stories, jataka tales, freedom fighters of India, popular rhymes, songs, and lullabies. Also, there are some fun educational content that is delivered engagingly to stimulate curiosity. It has moral stories, folk tales, Jataka tales, stories of wit and humor.

Currently, the SuperBuddy Storyteller is preloaded with over 750 English and Hindi tracks. With the record button, it is possible to record your voice with just the push of a button and add your own content to the SD card and let children to listen to their own content as well. The SuperBuddy Rabbito speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to any device and play music or content. A 2000mAh battery powers the speaker and it is touted to deliver up to 10 hours of usage time on a single charge.

While there is Bluetooth functionality, I could not experience flawless connectivity. During my review, I found it difficult to pair the speaker with my phone via Bluetooth. Also, it got disconnected within a few seconds automatically several times.

Should You Buy?

If you do not want your children to spend a lot of time on using gadgets and still keep them engaged in this current scenario when they are stuck at home during the online education era, then you can but this speaker from Tarbull. Besides this, SuperBuddy Rabbito is safe to listen to content, inculcates moral habits, enhances vocabulary and boosts memory. Also, it enhances creative thinking and curiosity among children.

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