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February 25, 2022 by No Comments

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EyeMyEye BT eyewear

EyeMyEye Play is a new range of Bluetooth enabled eyewear (sunglasses and eyeglasses) that work on the principle of bone conduction to provide a natural listening experience. Bone conduction offers a smooth listening experience as well as better ear health and hygiene. Available in eyeglass for prescription eyewear and polarized sunglasses.

Hyperice Hypervolt 2
The Hypervolt 2 is a handheld percussive massage device, which is easy to set up using a supporting app and provides several benefits including enhanced recovery post activity, improved performance, increased range of motion, blood flow, and circulation. After setting it up and downloading the Hyperice App, BT connects the device to your smartphone and provides guidance on choosing the right routine for warm-ups, recovery and more.

Gillette Razor
This novel Gillette razor comes with built-in exfoliating tech. The blade has an exclusive exfoliating bar, which helps remove dirt and debris for a smooth and efficient shave. Other benefits include Gillette’s 5 blade tech and 2DFlexdics to contour and adjust to your face.



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