Tech Gift Ideas for the 2021 Holiday: The 8 Best Gadgets For Your Family Under $300 – The Wall Street Journal

December 19, 2021 by No Comments

A HIGH-TECH Polaroid camera might have seemed out of place on last year’s gift list—when none of us was doing anything particularly worth photographing. Now that we can finally reunite with friends and parents and even cousins (and make sincerely funny faces for the group’s photographer), the gifting calculus is a bit different. When seeking presents for fans of gear, gadgets and all things geeky, our editors focused on gizmos, accessories and indulgences that promise to dispel some of the uneasiness that’s permeated much of the past 20 months. Please find below ideas to cheer up your spouse’s tool cabinet, distract your kids on the flights we can finally take, and, yes, photograph it all in instant style. 

An Updated Polaroid Camera for the Instagram Era

The boxy body of the Polaroid Now+ and instant print feature will be familiar to anyone old enough to remember “shaking it like a Polaroid picture.” So too will the old-school point-and-shoot functionality. But that’s where the similarities end: Connecting the Now+ to the Polaroid app via Bluetooth lets your giftee set a self-timer, change the camera’s aperture and shutter speed, shoot double exposures or even paint with light. From $150,



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