Tennessee family visiting Disney world discovered unknown Apple AirTag used to track teen daughter – Daily Mail

A family from Tennessee was shocked to discover their 17-year-old daughter’s movements were being tracked around Walt Disney World in Florida by an Apple AirTag for around four hours.

Jennifer Gaston and her daughter Madison became frantic when the teen received a notification on her iPhone saying they were being tracked as they headed back to their car on the Magic Kingdom’s monorail in Florida earlier this week.  

The notification showed that Madison had been tracked over the course of four hours, from 7.09pm to 11.33pm. The tracker had located everywhere she had visited in the sprawling theme park and all the way to the parking lot.

‘We were terrified, we were confused, hurt and scared,’ Jennifer told Fox 35 Orlando. ‘She [Madison] literally watched it follow us from the tram all the way back to our vehicle.’

‘It showed the first destination where it was detected with her, then it basically draws a line and makes the connections of the points where she had been,’ she added. 

The teen and her mother searched their car but couldn’t find the device. They locked the car’s door and drove away before calling the police, with Madison continuing to monitor the device’s location on her iPhone.

‘As she was refreshing it, it showed the AirTag was still in our parking spot so somehow when we were frantically shaking out clothes and dumping everything out of our bags it fell out,’ Jennifer said. 

The $30 wireless devices were designed to help keep track of items people often misplace, like keys or wallets, but have been revealed to have been used by stalkers to track people.

The device is designed to prohibit ‘unwarranted tracking’ by alerting a nearby iPhone when an AirTag has been separated from its user. For example, if someone was to place an AirTag on a car but not get in the car, then the driver of the vehicle should be alerted that there is an AirTag nearby or moving with them. 

Jennifer Gaston said she discovered an AirTag tracking her and her 17-year-old daughter, Madison (right) while heading back to their car on the Walt Disney World monorail in Orlando, Florida. The pair had received a notification on Madison’s phone

The AirTag, which did not belong to the family, stated that it was first detected with the pair at 7:09 p.m. before receiving a notification four hours later, at about 11:33 p.m. Pictured: Gaston’s steps at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

The family made the creepy discovery while paying a day visit to America’s busiest theme park

How Tennessee teen  realized she was being tracked with AirTag 

The Apple AirTags are designed to emit a sound after they are separated from their owner.

Madison received a ping on her iPhone as she was leaving the park to notify her that she was carrying an unknown AirTa from 9:30 pm to 11:33 pm 

She checked her clothing and dumped everything out of her bags but did not find the device.

After she and her mom left the park, the AirTag was still pinging that it was in the parking lot. 

‘I had seen …….

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10773009/Tennessee-family-visiting-Disney-world-discovered-unknown-Apple-AirTag-used-track-teen-daughter.html


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