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Whether you’re an avid runner, gym-goer, cyclist or just generally looking to have a better grasp on your daily health, a heart rate monitor is an easy way to get instant feedback on your health.

In the past, this would have meant having to strap a big monitor to your chest. Advancements in technology have condensed these gadgets, allowing you to check your heartrate through other wearables like watches and even rings.

For the truly dedicated, a strap around the chest remains the most accurate option for consumers, but for those who want the occasional insight, your options are varied.

Below we’ve picked out and tested some of the best heart rate monitors around, all coming in at different prices, styles and with a range of features available.

The best heart rate monitors in 2022

The best budget option: Wahoo Tickr

© Wahoo

The Wahoo Tickr is a heart rate monitor that won’t break the bank and will still give you everything you need to start getting to grips with paying attention to your heart rate and the insights it can offer into your exercise time.

Wahoo builds the EKG sensor into the strap with LED indicator lights in place to let you know when it’s tracking your heart and when it’s connected to another device, which includes the Apple Watch. To connect to those additional devices, there’s both Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connections letting you pair up to three devices at the same time.

Pair it to Wahoo’s own Fitness app and you can view heart rate in real-time as well as calorie burn data and track the time you’ve been sweating it out as well. 

You’ll get over 500 hours of training data from the coin cell battery packed into it, which should keep your tracking covered for a while before it needs swapping out for a new one.

It’s cheap, easy to use, and works with a range of connected kit and apps that make it a solid budget HR monitor to buy.

The best overall heart rate monitor: Polar H10

Polar H10 © Polar

If you want the best heart rate monitor available, Polar’s H10 chest strap monitor is the one you want. Particularly if you care about having the best accuracy when it comes to tracking your heart reliably during exercise.

Like pretty much all chest strap monitors, the H10 uses EKG sensor technology to detect electrical activity in the heart and converts those measurements into real-time heart rate readings to better understand the level of effort you put into runs or HIIT sessions.

To improve the comfort of wearing that strap across your chest, Polar uses a soft textile material and adds silicone spots to make sure the H10 stays in place even during high-intensity exercise.

You can record a single training session directly …….



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