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It’s no secret that Amazon devices are some of the best things to buy on Prime Day. Amazon usually discounts most of its gadgets to record-low prices for the two-day shopping event, but Prime members can take advantage of great sales now. In addition to bringing devices like the Echo Dot and the Fire TV Cube down to their best prices yet, early Prime Day deals have discounted a bunch of Amazon device bundles, too. Here are the best deals we found on bundled Amazon devices that you can get before Prime Day begins.

Echo Dot + smart plug


Adding an Amazon smart plug to your purchase when you pick up an Echo Dot will only cost you $5 more, so you’ll get both devices for a total of $25. While the Echo Dot can act as your main Alexa voice control device, Amazon’s smart plug can also be controlled via the Alexa mobile app, allowing you to turn “dumb” items around your home into smart ones.

Buy Echo Dot + smart plug at Amazon – $25

Echo + smart light bulb


The full-sized Echo is on sale for $60, but you can add a Sengled smart light bulb to your order for no additional cost. It’s one of Sengled’s Bluetooth color smart bulbs, which means it’ll be easy to set up using only your smartphone and then you can control it using Alexa voice commands.

Buy Echo + smart light at Amazon – $60

Ring Doorbell + Echo Show 5

If you’re considering a Ring Doorbell for your home, you can pick up the wired model and add an Echo Show 5 into the mix and pay only $100 in total. These two devices work well together: the smart doorbell will show you any visitors that end up on your doorstep, while the Echo Show 5 can display the live feed from the doorbell’s camera.

Buy Ring Doorbell + Show 5 at Amazon – $100
Shop Ring bundles at Amazon

Amazon Smart Thermostat + Echo Show 5


Both Amazon’s smart thermostat and the Echo Show 5 have been discounted for Prime members, so the company made it easy for you to pick up both in a bundle that costs $77. That’s nearly half off of the normal cost of buying both items together, making this a good deal for those that want to kickstart their smart home plans without spending too much money.

Buy thermostat + Show 5 at Amazon – $77

Echo Show 5 Kids + Echo Glow


If you’re picking up an Echo Show 5 Kids for your children to use, you can add the Echo Glow smart lamp to your order for only $11 more. This edition of the Show 5 includes one year of Amazon Kids+, while the Glow lets you program light cues to go along with routines you have for your children like waking up, playtime and getting ready to go to bed.

Buy Show 5 Kids + Glow lamp at Amazon – $51

Blink Mini (2 pack)


Prime members can pick up two Blink Minis for the price of one, for a total of $30. That’s 54 percent off the bundle’s usual price and the cheapest we’ve seen it. While the Mini’s main drawback when compared to standard Blink cameras is that it must be plugged in, it otherwise works just like Blink …….



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