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If you’re in the market for wireless tech, chances are it’ll connect to your device over Bluetooth. Every technology company has built support for the standard into their gadgets, which has lead to a huge market for accessories that work with phones, tablets, and computers. The best thing about Bluetooth accessories is that you can use them with all of your devices, so if you switch from iPhone to Android, or PC to Mac, you don’t have to worry about getting all new gear.

Unlike WiFi, Bluetooth works over short distances, which makes it the perfect technology for a pair of wireless headphones, or wireless keyboards and mice. Modern versions of Bluetooth are more power-efficient, and create a more stable connection than previous ones, so it’s worth upgrading your current tech if it’s a few years old. There are thousands of Bluetooth accessories out there, but we’ve rounded up 10 essentials below to save you time.

1. Tile Mate


The Tile Mate is a Bluetooth tracker that can help you find your belongings if they’re lost. It has a loop, so you can attach it to a ring of keys, or a zipper on your bag. Once it’s activated, you’ll be able to see the tracker’s last-known location inside Tile’s app (available for iOS and Android). If it’s close, you can “ring” the Tile Mate, and it’ll start to chime; if the Tile Mate isn’t close, you’ll know where (approximately) you lost it, which is better than retracing your steps.

Tile Mate

2. Shure AONIC 50

There are a ton of great Bluetooth headphones available right now, but Shure’s AONIC 50s are the best-sounding pair I’ve ever heard. The over-ear headphones have a battery life of up to 20 hours, support noise-cancelling, and use one of the newest versions of Bluetooth.


The AONIC 50s use big, 50mm drivers, which produce some of the best sound I’ve ever heard from any audio gear. Music from every genre is well-balanced, and you can easily hear every element of the song you’re listening to. If you’re a serious music fan who has put off wireless headphones because you’re afraid they’ll be worse than your wired pair, Shure’s AONIC 50s may change your mind.

Shure AONIC 50

3. Xbox One Controller


Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is comfortable to hold, designed for long game sessions, and can run for dozens of hours on a pair of AA batteries. Because it uses Bluetooth, you can connect this controller to a console or your computer (PC and Mac) for gaming.

Xbox One Wireless Controller

4. Logitech …….



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