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Are you looking forward to the return of festivals this summer? If you’ve bought your tickets and chosen your outfits, the next thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’re stocked up on gear.

From an (almost) unbreakable phone to a power bank to a boombox speaker to keep the party going, we’ve chosen our top picks of the festival gadgets you’ll need in your bag to make sure you’re prepared.

Best festival gadgets f0r 2022

Nokia 6310 4G

© Nokia

Whether you’re worried about pickpockets or have concerns about your own festival escapades, replacing your £1,000+ smartphone for a £50 dumbphone for the weekend may not be a bad idea.

The Nokia 6310 4G takes us way back with its classic design, complete with physical keypad and 2.8in non-touch display. Although it’s made almost entirely from plastic, it feels like it’d withstand your standard festival knocks and drops without issue – just be sure to keep it away from water as there’s no IP rating here.

You’ll want to take a better camera with you as the 0.3MP snapper isn’t up to much, but outstanding battery life is what makes the 6310 4G a festival must-have. With almost 20 hours of talk time and over 20 days of standby, it’ll keep you on the grid with friends and family for the whole weekend, and probably without needing a portable charger.

Loop earplugs

No festival is worth risking your hearing for, and Loop’s earplugs have to be some of the prettiest we’ve ever seen – and the cleverest. We tried out the Experience version, which reduces noise by 18-20 decibels while keeping sounds and voices clear.

They do this by mimicking your ear’s function. The loop part of the earplug that gives them their name isn’t just to make them look good, it’s actually an acoustic channel. When sound passes through it, it imitates the length of your ear canal, delivering a natural sound at a 4x reduced volume.

In use, the earbud sits snugly in the ear canal, with the loop part (available in silver, gold, black or rose gold) resting gently in the outer ear. They’re lightweight and comfortable enough that you can easily forget you’re wearing them, and they come with a pocket-friendly carry case to keep them safe when you’re not.

Anker 313 Powerbank

© Anker

If you can’t bear to be parted from your smartphone over a weekend, you are going to need a portable battery to keep your phone charged up when access to plug sockets will be fleeting at best.

The Anker 313 Powerbank is a great option. It’s one of the slimmest 10,000mAh batteries you can buy, so it’s easy to slip into your pocket or bumbag, and promises over two full charges of an iPhone 12 and just over 1.5 charges of a Galaxy S20. You can charge anything from it, of course, just add a USB-A or USB-C compatible cable of your choice (you only get microUSB in the box).

Featuring Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology, the 313 promises faster charging of power-hungry devices, but we liked having the option for trickle charging, which provides safe, …….



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