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Want to boost your productivity at work? Check out these smart desks. They keep you comfortable and healthy as you cross tasks off your to-do list.

Smash your work projects, spreadsheets, and deadlines with a desk that keeps up with you. And might we suggest a smart desk? The best smart desks for productivity don’t just adapt with you throughout the day. They also have handy tech integrations.

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Want a smart desk with a built-in wireless charger and Bluetooth speakers? It’s here, and its name is the Koble Designs Silas 3.0. Then, the Lumina Desk boasts an always-on ambient screen that can display work apps, social media, and stock updates.

Get more done faster with these smart desks.

1. The Lumina Desk helps you reach your productivity goals thanks to its built-in interactive display that can show essential apps and programs.

Lumina Desk holds 2 computers

Need real-time stock reports? The Lumina Desk provides them with its always-on ambient display. It can also show social media or work-related apps. Meanwhile, the surface has a built-in wireless charger.

Reserve yours for a TBA price.

2. The Koble Designs Silas 3.0 smart desk supercharges your workday with its 10-watt built-in wireless charging pad and Bluetooth speakers.

Koble Designs Silas 3.0 in gray

Work at full speed with the Koble Designs Silas 3.0 smart desk. Equipped with a 10-watt wireless charging plate, 1 USB port, 1 USB-C port, and 2 Bluetooth speakers, it ensures your devices are always ready and you can work to your favorite beats.

Get it for about $377 on the official website.

3. The Oakywood Solid Wood Standing Desk has an intelligent height adjustment system that lets you preset your most-used heights.

Oakywood Solid Wood Standing Desk in use

Tired of cranking an analog sit-stand desk to your favorite height? Upgrade to the Oakywood Solid Wood Standing Desk. Its intelligent height adjustment system remembers preprogrammed heights, and the hydraulics are smooth and sturdy. This is why it made our list of the best smart desks for productivity.

Get it starting at $1,200 on the official website.

4. The Uppeal Desk floor-to-standing desk has an impressively wide range of adjustability—from 15 inches to 47 inches—for a bunch of seating options.

Uppeal Desk in floor-sit position

If you like seating flexibility while you work, consider the Uppeal Desk floor-to-standing desk. It adjusts to just 15″ at its lowest setting, allowing you to sit on the floor while you work. And, of course, you can chair sit or stand.

Get it for $1,099.

5. The KOBLE Designs Apollo 2.0 has a height-adjust system that changes at the touch of a button with 4 memory settings.

KOBLE Designs Apollo 2.0 in an office scenario

You won’t disturb your colleagues or housemates …….



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