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What to Look for in a Smart Speaker in 2022

Smart speakers are an integral part of any smart home. Not only do they let you listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, but they also give you a way to easily communicate with your entire stable of connected devices. Because of this, you’ll need to do more than just search for a product with good sound quality—ensuring it works with your ecosystem is just as important.

Once you’ve determined which ecosystem you’re looking to build around and what your current devices support, only then should you start considering the sound quality. You’ll typically find that products under the $100 mark cut corners when it comes to bass, while products over $175 should be high enough quality for most listeners. If you’re a true audiophile, however, you might need to bump your price tag to well over $200 before your ears will be truly happy.

The final piece of the smart speaker puzzle is functionality. Are you hoping to expand your setup with other speakers? Will you be bringing it with you on your travels? Do you require native voice controls? The more of these extras you require, the higher your price tag will rise.

Although it can be overwhelming searching for the perfect smart speaker, it’s hard to go wrong in today’s market. High-quality products from Sonos, Amazon, Google, and Apple litter store shelves, and there’s really not a bad pick among the bunch.

Out of the dozens of smart speakers available, however, we found these seven to be most worthy of your time and money.

Best Smart Speaker Overall: Sonos One



  • Incredible sound
  • Ultra-sleek design
  • Google Assistant and AirPlay support

The Sonos One is a near-perfect blend of style, performance, and pricing. It’s a bit more expensive than the competition—typically retailing for $220—but there’s no doubt you’re getting what you pay for. Not only does it pump out some of the best sounds in its class, but a variety of quality-of-life features make it easy to use and provide it with versatility for all sorts of applications.

The main draw of Sonos One is its room-filling sound, which is provided by two Class-D amplifiers, one tweeter, and a mid-woofer, giving it the ability to hit every note thrown its way.

If you’re not still a fan of how things sound, Sonos makes it easy to adjust the smart speaker’s performance with a free smartphone app. You can also use software Trueplay to zero in on the acoustics of your room and optimize the Sonos One’s sound.

Its incredible sound isn’t the only reason Sonos One is the best smart speaker on the market. You’ll also get built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, easy-to-access control buttons for managing your music, a sleek design that’s at home in any entertainment center, and the ability to upgrade your setup with other speakers for a truly immersive home listening experience.




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