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The year 2021 was golden for new technology releases, with outstanding new products in categories from tablets to vacuum cleaners, smartwatches to smart rings. That doesn’t mean that everything has been top-notch, of course, so you still need to sort the good stuff from the dross.

The AirTag debuted in 2021 as one of the slickest, sleekest item trackers on the market.


Which is the point of this review of the year’s coolest tech, a guide to everything from phone chargers to gadgets that monitor your metabolism from your breath. Need to buy an ebook reader and want to know the best one? Is it time to change your electric toothbrush? And which is the slickest video doorbell? Before CES 2022 commences and makes us salivate for new arrivals, let’s take a moment to look back at 2021’s most inspiring gadgets.

Best Ebook Reader

Sure, there’s nothing that compares to a real book, but the convenience of the ebook reader is considerable. Whether that’s so you can carry more than a thousand books at a time and buy more in seconds, or the subtlety of the ebook reader’s front light which is much more restful on the eyes than reading on a tablet, and gentle enough to not disturb your significant other if you want to read while they gently snore.

Amazon’s Kindle range gets better and better, offering value and useful features—even the entry-level model has light now. The latest Paperwhite is so good it will make you think twice about buying the top-of-the-range Oasis. That’s because this slim, light device now has a bigger display (6.8 inches) and the light can be adjusted not just for brightness but the warmth of the light color, too. There’s 8GB of storage, enough for literally thousands of books, and it’s waterproof, so, yes, you can read in the bath. There are still benefits to the Oasis, mind, if you want to pay more: a bigger display, aluminum casing, free lifetime cellular connectivity and physical page turn buttons.

Best Health Wearable

The Oura smart ring is now up to its third-generation model and it has improved sensors to keep track of your heart rate—which it now does all day—as well as temperature and more. Every morning it gives you a readiness score based on how well you slept, even drilling down into the quality of your sleep and night-time heart rate. This is great for athletes who need to know whether they should push themselves in today’s exercise or take it a bit easier. But it’s just as useful for the rest of us, for anyone who wants to stay on top of how they’re doing. It’s so light (it’s made of titanium) and comfortable, it’s easier to wear 24 hours a day than most other …….



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