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Bored with your treadmill and rowing machine? Jazz up your fitness routine in 2023 with these innovative workout gadgets.

It’s easy to grow tired of workout machines. But a cool new product or 2 might be all you need to put the zest back into your exercise routine. Luckily, the most innovative workout gadgets of 2023 have the tech to keep things interesting.

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When you’ve run the gamut of workout machines, it may be time to try a new style of exercise altogether, like the Quell fitness gaming console. It takes you to fantasy worlds where your hero’s strength increases with yours.

Then, you’ve probably not seen an exercise wheel quite like the ZeroWheel. Its motor technology provides assistance or resistance depending on your level. And it’s not just for abs—this gadget tones your calves, quads, and upper body.

Switch up your fitness routine for the better with these innovative workout gadgets.

1. The ZeroWheel smart fitness device is excellent for all levels with its advanced motor technology. It costs $449, and you can preorder it on the official website.

ZeroWheel on a fitness mat

People of all fitness levels can benefit from the ZeroWheel smart fitness device. This fitness wheel is packed with assistance and resistance modes to help you get stronger. Moreover, this gadget is portable and links to your phone or smartwatch, where you can view your performance on the ZeroWheel app.

2. The Quell fitness gaming console lets you play your way to a fit body with resistance-based combat workouts. Preorder it for $249 on the official website.

Quell during a workout

With the Quell fitness gaming console, you can immerse yourself in an adventure world where your hero’s strength gets stronger as you improve. This incredible fitness gadget uses real-time motion recognition, functional controls, and haptics.

3. The ENGO 2 Sport smart glasses display real-time performance data for cyclists, runners, and more. Buy them for $329.95 on the company website.

ENGO 2 on people

Elevate your training for endurance sports with the ENGO 2 Sport smart glasses. Their lenses display performance metrics like power, pace, speed, heart rate zone, distance, and more in real time. They’re some of the most innovative workout gadgets of 2023.

4. The WearWorks WAYBAND haptic smart band with map app helps you navigate via haptic vibrations. Purchase it for $249 on Amazon.

WearWorks WAYBAND product video

Focus on the road or trail when you use the WearWorks WAYBAND haptic smart band with map app. It sends haptic vibrations, helpin you find your way without looking down at a screen. Plus, the design is discreet; no one will know you don’t know your way.

5. The Acer eKinekt BD 3 bike desk integrates a workout into your workday and generates electricity. It’s coming soon and costs $999.

Acer eKinekt BD 3 in a home




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