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Keep the cycling adventurers in your life safe and happy with only the most useful cycling gadgets out there. These helpful items improve their visibility and keep them connected, hands-free.

Got cycling enthusiasts in your life? Support their favorite endeavor by giving them some of the most useful bike gadgets and accessories. From a smart helmet to a water bottle that doesn’t leave the water tasting like plastic, these are the cycling gifts to give.

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Keep them connected with the SENA M1 & M1 EVO smart Bluetooth helmets. Not just protective gear, they also connect to smartphones, letting your cyclists call home or connect with other riders in their group.

Then, the Arclight LED Bike Pedals ensure your loved ones are clearly visible on the road during city jaunts or country rides since they highlight a cyclist’s biological motion.

Read more about these practical bike gadgets, and more, in the list below.

1. The SENA M1 &M1 EVO smart Bluetooth helmets connect to an adventurer’s phone via Bluetooth, letting them stay in touch with family and friends.

SENA M1 & M1 EVO smart Bluetooth helmet product demo

It’s easy for your adventurers to contact family and friends while wearing the SENA M1 & M1 EVO smart Bluetooth helmets. With a simple Bluetooth connection, they can call family at home or other riders in a half-mile range with the up to 9-channel capability. They even work via voice command.

Get them starting at $139 on Amazon.

2. The GnarLab CaptR wireless GoPro controller attaches to the handlebar and displays the camera’s status, battery life, and mode.

GnarLab CaptR in a video

Do your adventurers record their great cycling feats with a GoPro? They’ll love the GnarLab CaptR wireless GoPro Controller. It attaches their GoPro to their bike’s handlebars, where they can easily see the camera’s status and battery life.

Get it for $99.99 on the official website.

3. The Arclight LED Bike Pedals make cyclists up to 57% more visible, keeping your adventurers safe on both long and short rides.

Arclight LED Bike Pedals in use

Safety is always a concern when you have a cyclist in your life. Improve their on-road visibility with the Arclight LED Bike Pedals. They enhance a rider’s biological motion, making them easier to see. For this reason, they’re one of the most useful bike gadgets out there.

Preorder it for $109 on the official website.

4. The Topo Designs Mini Bike Bag has ample space for your cyclist’s essentials and comes in an array of beautiful color combinations.

Topo Designs Mini Bike Bag on a bike

Every bicyclist needs a great handlebar bag like the Topo Designs Mini Bike Bag. Its water-repellent exterior keeps its contents dry. And, while this bag is gorgeous, it’s also durable thanks to the paracord …….



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