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December 23, 2022 by No Comments

    (CNN) — Bone conduction headphones, TV streaming devices and Bluetooth speakers are among the tech gadgets topping holiday wish lists this year. Other notable products — ahem, the new 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max — are near impossible to find.

But as the year comes to an end, the staff at CNN is reflecting on the most essential devices, services and apps we leaned on in 2022— not just the most sought products.

It was a busy and tumultuous year, filled with news of international conflicts, rising inflation, a possible recession and a lingering pandemic. Here are the products that our anchors, correspondents, editors and reporters relied on most to get through the year and also find some comfort.

Oura Ring

My sleep schedule turned upside down in 2022 when I went from covering the White House until late at night to waking up at 3 a.m. to anchor CNN’s new morning show. One of my favorite devices this year has been my Oura Ring (starts at $299),which tracks my sleep but I imagine [it] has been pretty disturbing that I went from regularly getting 7-8 hours a night to an average of 5 hours. Seeing my vital signs and how my sleep patterns developed has actually encouraged me to walk around more or get in bed earlier without that extra glass of wine. — Kaitlan Collins, co-host of “CNN This Morning”


BeReal — a photo-sharing app where users are notified once a day at different times to share a photo of whatever they’re doing within a two-minute window — is a fun respite from all those filters and annoying videos on other platforms. Plus it’s comforting to see the mundane lives we all actually have. — Jordan Valinsky, CNN Business writer

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

My favorite piece of technology of the year is one I don’t own yet. I spend a lot of time on planes for work and have always thought it could be great if airplane TVs could be hooked up to your AirPods. Lo and behold the AirFly ($55). I’m ordering myself one for Christmas and suspect it’ll become one of my most used devices in 2023. — Donie O’Sullivan, CNN correspondent


I’m deliberate about patronizing black-owned businesses. Since my move to New York, I’ve had to find all new favorite spots for good food and drinks. EatOkra is like the Yelp for black-owned restaurants, bars, food trucks and the rest. I’ve hit up EatOkra plenty in 2022. — Victor Blackwell, co-anchor of CNN Newsroom


Now that I commute home at the ungodly hour of 1 a.m., I lean heavily on my HBO Max app (starts at $9.99 a month). At the risk of sounding like a giant suck-up to our parent company, “White Lotus” has been great company in the wee hours of the night when few other people are awake. Those characters became my companions and I was so sad when the season ended. But hey, there’s always Bill Maher! — Alisyn Camerota, co-host of “CNN Newsroom”

Whisk app

Between work and shuttling various children to basketball, guitar and taekwondo practice, finding time to make dinner is a constant struggle. Whisk lets me look in my fridge, type in what ingredients I have, select a 30-minute recipe max, and it will spit out dozens of recipes I can make quickly. It also lets me save my favorite recipes — whether I found it in Whisk or …….



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