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Looking for a smart door lock with top-of-the line security? Then check out our suggestions in today’s Digest. They keep your front door safe and convenient.

Your front door lock quietly guards your valuables and loved ones against thieves and criminals. So when shopping for smart home locks, you wonder which ones actually secure your home. As it turns out, plenty of smart locks have robust security features. We’re talking about anti-peep keypads, biometric sensors, and security cams. With features this high-tech, you can say goodbye to your traditional lock forever.

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Don’t worry about onlookers deciphering your passcodes with the Ultraloq UL3 BT (2nd Gen 5-in-1). It has an anti-peep touchscreen that lets you add random numbers to thwart prying eyes.

Then, you can’t go wrong with smart locks that use biometric fingerprint sensors, like the Lockly smart door locks below. They ensure no one gets in using a lifted or copied fingerprint.

Give yourself peace of mind and convenience with these highly secure smart locks.

1. The SwitchBot Smart Lock opens with your Apple Watch or smartphone and supports Alexa, Siri, Hey Google, and others.

SwitchBot smart lock in black

Keep your home secure and beautiful with the SwitchBot Smart Lock. Its sleek lines look great on your front door, while giving you easy entry. Best of all, it automatically locks behind you.

Get it for $99.99 on Amazon.

2. The Level Keypad smart entry panel unlocks via codes. Even better, you can modify them anytime, anywhere on your phone.

Level Keypad smart entry panel in use

Enjoy secure convenience with the Level Keypad smart entry panel. It relies on codes to unlock, which you can share with guests. For additional protection, you can install the keypad up to 30 feet away from the door in a hidden location.

Get it for $79 on the official website.

3. The Lockly Flex Touch Bluetooth smart lock only recognizes your physical fingerprints, so lifted and copied ones won’t work.

Lockly Flex Touch Bluetooth smart lock in use

Ensure you and your guests are the only people who can access your home with the Lockly Flex Touch Bluetooth smart lock. This cool lock remembers up to 99 physical fingerprints, and the latch works with voice assistants.

Get it for $159 on the official website.

4. The eufy Smart Lock Touch door fingerprint scanner gives you 4 ways to open your door and has a portable charger for power outages.

eufy Smart Lock Touch door fingerprint scanner in black

Open your front door even when the power’s out with the eufy Smart Lock Touch door fingerprint scanner. It comes with a portable charger that allows it to unlock. What’s more, it unlocks via fingerprint, keypad, eufy Security app, or key.

Get it for $144.49 on the official website.</…….



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