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Planning your first outdoor trip? From flashlights to portable speakers, here’s the gear you need as a beginner. Discover it all in the blog.

Organizing a camping trip? Maybe you’ll spend a weekend hiking in the mountains. Either way, if it’s one of your first outdoor adventures, our ultimate outdoor gadgets guide for beginners has you covered. This gear keeps you safe and having fun.

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Wear a smartwatch that lasts for days with the Apple Watch Ultra endurance smartwatch. Its rugged build can handle the outdoors, while the 60-hour battery life is great for extended outdoor trips.

And, of course, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of power with you. The BioLite BaseCharge Series is an excellent choice with its high wattage and many ports.

Check out these tech gadgets for smooth first-time outdoor trips.

1. The Apple Watch Ultra endurance smartwatch stands up to the elements with its WR100 water-resistance rating, which is double that of the Series 8.

Apple Watch Ultra on a wrist

Whether you hike, kayak, or camp, you need a smartwatch that can keep up with your adventures, like the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s the most water-resistant Apple Watch to date and has a multiday battery life of up to 60 hours.

Get it for $799 on the official website.

2. The BioLite BaseCharge Series ensures you have plenty of power in the wilderness and comes in portable sizes you can easily carry.

BioLite BaseCharge Series intro video

Enjoy ample wattage wherever you are with the BioLite BaseCharge Series. Consisting of the 1500 and 600 models, this power station collection has ports for almost everything and delivers hours of power. That’s why they belong on our ultimate outdoor gadgets guide.

Preorder them starting at $699 on the official website.

3. The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker gives you big sound outdoors and boasts an IP67 rating against dust and water.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3 in color options

Relax to your music while you’re outside with the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker. It’s super portable, drop-proof, and able to handle dust, dirt, splashes, and submersion in water.

Get it for $99.99 on the official website.

4. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 A/C series chills the air anywhere. So you could totally sleep in an air-conditioned tent while you camp.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 product video

Stop putting up with sweltering temperatures during your adventures with the Zero Breeze Mark 2 A/C series. Weighing only 16.5 pounds, it requires no generator and dispenses air 30° cooler in just 10 minutes.

Get it for $999 on the official website.

5. The Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmer series keeps your hands toasty during ski trips, winter hikes, fall camping, and more.

Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmer in use

Don’t let cold hands ruin your winter outdoor trips when …….



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