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Anchor headphone hook

The real estate on your desk is valuable, so stop monopolizing it with your headphones. This hook comes with a secure 3M adhesive and can hold two pairs of headphones wherever you stick it. The sturdy wood and silicon construction also ensures that the hooks will likely outlive whatever you decide to hang on them.
Price: $12

Tile Mate

The Tile Mate, a now-ubiquitous tracking device compatible with Android and iOS, is a fantastic way to keep tabs on anything located within 200 feet of you. You can secure the tiny Bluetooth tracker to just about anything, ensuring that your most important items never go missing.
Price: $20

AirPods cleaning kit

Anyone who has ever looked at their earbuds knows how gross they can get even after just a week of sustained use. With this 203-piece cleaning kit, however, your giftee will never have to tote around a pair of AirPods that look anything less than spotless.
Price: $13

RDS Game Traveler Deluxe Case

Whether you’ve been a longtime Nintendo Switch owner or recently picked up the new OLED model, it pays to have a protective case to stash it in. Thankfully, this durable hardshell case from RDS Industries can house both your Switch and a cartridge case. There’s also an adjustable viewing stand for propping up your Switch while inside — a nice touch given the flimsy kickstand on the original model.
Price: $20

Gerber Shard

Stop opening your Amazon packages with a pen like a scrub and invest in this keychain tool from Gerber. You’ll never be without something to poke, prod, pry, or slice something open when the need arises.
Price: $8

Puffin beverage vest

Arguably functional but definitely adorable, the Puffin beverage vest might be the cutest koozie we’ve ever seen. This beverage accessory is available in a variety of colors and styles, including flannels, parkas, and life vests.
Price: $13

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