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Let’s admit it — most, if not all, of the people who work here at The Verge are gadget enthusiasts. But while most of those gadgets come under the heading of tech — headphones, smartphones, laptops, speakers, and all the other electronic gear that we love to play with — there are also some really interesting, fun, and useful gadgets out there that we don’t usually think of as tech, per se.

So, for this article, we asked the staff to come up with their favorite non-tech gadgets — things that don’t have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or an app. Admittedly, some of what they came up with sit on the border between tech and non-tech — where, for example, do espresso machines belong? But hey, let’s not be picky. Here are the kitchen gear, home tools, and personal items that we most treasure.

Kitchen gear

I spent ages talking myself out of buying a home espresso machine, but I finally got one a few years ago, and the only regret I have is not buying one sooner. I love my espresso machine. It’s not super fancy, which is fine for me. My model has the built-in grinder, which I keep loaded with Olympia Coffee Big Truck. It’s simple, reliable, easy to take care of, and makes consistently good espresso. I have used it nearly every day going on three years now, and it’s still going strong. My latte art skills are sketchy, but that’s on me, not the Barista Express. — Allison Johnson, reviewer

Over the past year, I’ve fallen in love with Hario’s lineup of V60 drip coffee makers. But it wasn’t until last Christmas that I finally got one of their decanters, which are big enough to make two (or even three, at a push) cups of coffee in one go. You put a paper filter into the plastic funnel at the top, pour in some water, and then lift out the funnel to pour your delicious brew from the glass decanter.

I’m not going to claim that it’s anywhere near as simple as using a standalone coffee machine or even an Aeropress, and you should be prepared to use scales if you want to get the proportion of coffee to water right. But if you’re someone who likes the ritual of making coffee and want something that’s a little more affordable than a Chemex, then the V60 is a great option. — Jon Porter, reporter

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Decanter

A two-in-one coffee brewer that is both a dripper and server. It’s equipped with a silicone band for easy handling and pouring.

Kitchenaid stand mixers are famed for their reliability and classic aesthetic, but for my money, their greatest utility is the attachment system. And there’s no attachment I love more than the Fresh Prep shredder, which lets me quickly and easily turn a two-pound block of cheese into an easy topping for nachos, casseroles, and more. If you frequently find yourself turning mass amounts of vegetables, cheese, or anything else into shreds, and you’re still using the standard box shredder to do …….



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