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Photo: IFCAR, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I own a 2009 Mazda 5 Grand Touring and what frustrates me is the LACK of features on what is supposed to be the high-end model.

First of all, European and JDM Mazda 5s have power sliding passenger doors and power liftgate as an option; none of these were available on the ‘09 US version, although Mazda was nice enough to include plastic blanks where the switches for those functions are SUPPOSED to be, thus constantly reminding me that this car was speced-out by the bean counters at Mazda USA

Other notable omissions:

No cover for the center console storage bin

No pocket on the rear of the passenger side front seat

No vanity mirror on the passenger side visor

No power adjustments on the driver’s seat

The lights on the instrument panel have two settings – High and Low, nothing in between.

Add that to the fact that the pedals in this car were not designed for my size 13EEE feet in mind, and the middling gas mileage (average 22-23mpg)

All these little annoyances turns a car that otherwise suits my needs almost perfectly (although another 50hp would be great) into a vehicle that is a reminder that the Mazda 5 was built to occupy a specific price point in the market.

Japanese-spec cars always get more interesting accoutrements than their American counterparts. In an ideal world, dealers would at least make the parts available, but often differences in wiring prevent it from being an easy install.

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