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Smart light bulbs can help you find your way around the living space without injuring yourself in the dark looking for the switch. If you arrive home late at night or if you require some extra assistance around the house, smart light bulbs can turn out to be very useful in such cases. These bulbs are just like any other regular light bulbs, but can be monitored remotely by voice, mobile apps or Bluetooth.
If you intend to set up your house with smart home products, smart light bulbs can be a great place to start. Smart light bulbs are easy to use and install, that makes them an ideal starting point into the arena of home automation. However, before you decide to buy new smart light bulbs, these are the things that you need to consider before getting one.
Setting up a smart bulb is not difficult
It is usually easy to install a smart light bulb, as you just have to remove the traditional bulbs and fit in the new smart light bulbs in place of them. It doesn’t need any wireless connection to access the bulb’s smart home capabilities as it can connect directly to your home Wi-Fi. Some bulbs don’t even need a bridge or hub to reach your Wi-Fi network, all you have to do is plug it into your old bulb socket and the integrated app guides you through the rest of the set-up.
There are other smart light bulbs that need a corresponding hub to set up. A smart hub works as the mediator between the bulb and the wireless router. In this case, you have to connect the bridge to the Wi-Fi router and when the indicated lights appear on the bridge you can complete the setup process by downloading the corresponding app. Although, it is important to note that this exact setup process may vary among brands.
The third way to set up the smart light bulb is by connecting it with Bluetooth. Again, the exact setup process in this method also varies among brands and always make sure to read the manual before trying to connect the bulbs.
Know how a smart bulb works
There are some smart light bulbs that can be monitored through an app that is available to install on your mobile devices. Other smart light bulbs can connect to smart speakers that are enabled with an assistive voice such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple’s HomePod. Nevertheless, most smart light bulbs can be monitored both via voice and app. So, make sure you read the instructions that come with your smart light bulbs thoroughly and there you will find brand-specific information about which app to download and how to set them up with your smart speaker.
It is also important to note that you can use your smart light bulbs the traditional way by using a normal switch. This helps when the Wi-Fi network is down or if it is your habit to flip the switch whenever you enter the house. However, if the physical light switch is off, the bulb won’t work remotely. There are some smart bulbs that can use your phone’s GPS to turn on the lights as you approach your door.
How durable are smart bulbs
All the smart light bulbs are LEDs (light-emitting diode) and can be expected to last way longer than the traditional tungsten bulbs. LED bulbs also consume 90 per …….



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