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Want a portable monitor that’s ready to work when you are? Check out the AVA next-gen portable monitor. It removes the hassle of pairing and cords.

Elevate your portable workspace when you add the AVA next-gen portable monitor. This plug-and-play monitor boasts a 66-foot connectivity range and doesn’t require Bluetooth or any other pairing method.

It’s helpful having a larger secondary screen when you work on the go, and it’s even more helpful if that display doesn’t need to connect to your laptop—or another device—via cords, Bluetooth, or pairing.

And the AVA next-gen portable monitor is one such display. It’s ready to work when you are. Let’s have a look at it.

AVA works with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox

Start working whenever you want

Tired of having to crosscheck the Bluetooth connection on your devices before you start working? This plug-and-play monitor requires none of that. In fact, it uses integrated mm-Wave touch wirelessHD technology, making wireless touchback easier than ever.

Usually, wireless touchback relies on a Bluetooth connection to work, but the casting solution requires Wi-Fi, leading to lags and delayed audio. On the other hand, this HD touchscreen sends the wireless touchback and display in one transmission, speeding up the process.

So you won’t have to spend precious extra minutes setting up your secondary screen. The AVA next-gen portable monitor is ready to start working right away, giving you more flexibility than ever.

AVA in a video

Work up to 66 feet away from your device

You probably don’t always want to lug around your laptop. Yet, with most secondary screens, that’s what you end up doing if you’re going to switch working locations or show your work to a colleague.

If you want to collaborate with a coworker who works on the other side of the office, you’ll probably have to take your laptop to their desk—ditto for work-from-homers who just want to switch from their desk to the couch.

But the AVA next-gen portable monitor gives you the flexibility you’ve been dreaming of with its range of 66 feet, which is about the length of a large room. So you could keep your laptop at your desk while you move to more comfortable seating for an hour or so.

AVA with a person playing a video game

Get flexibility with a wired and wireless display

Meanwhile, this plug-and-play monitor features both a wired and wireless connection, giving you ample opportunities for work and play.

For instance, you can pair it with game consoles, PCs, smartphones, and mobile devices in addition to your laptop. It also works as a portable camera monitor.

AVA with a keyboard

Enjoy a multitouch screen

Even better, this HD monitor isn’t just a larger display. Thanks to its touchscreen capabilities, it acts as a tablet, which allows you to work from it just as you would at your desk.

AVA in a video

Watch your favorite content and work seamlessly

What’s more, you’ll appreciate the 4K UHD resolution for clear, beautiful images and videos. Because, these days, all your devices should have …….



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