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Reduce your cooling costs and freshen your home’s air with SmartWind. It brings cooler air into your home, helping you rely on your air conditioning less.

Keep your home’s air cool naturally with the SmartWind autonomous smart window. This home cooling system reads your local weather and automatically brings cool outdoor air into your home when the temperatures lower.

You know those days at the end of summer when it’s cool outside, but your home is still hot? You typically keep the AC running to feel comfortable indoors. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore with the SmartWind. Its fan-based system automatically brings cool, fresh air into your home while lowering energy costs.

SmartWind in lifestyle scenarios

Bring cool, fresh air into your home

So how does the SmartWind work? Well, it boasts a sleek, translucent orb valve that allows air to pass through when open. At the orb’s base, a variable power fan brings large volumes of outdoor air indoors for cooling.

The translucent orb also acts like a quad-paned window, keeping the room better insulated than most energy-efficient windows and preventing heat loss in the winter.

What’s more, this sustainable product monitors the local forecasts and conditions from OpenWeatherMap. When the device detects cool air, it pulls it into a warm room, bringing fresh air indoors and lowering costs.

SmartWind product detail

Control this eco-friendly vent with voice assistants

When you choose SmartWind, you get a slew of benefits in addition to saving energy and breathing fresher air. Each of the 4 SmartWind models features an antenna that supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Once you set it up, you can connect to smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Choose from 4 models

Meanwhile, this smart window ventilating system comes in 4 models—Basic, Sconce Light, Plant Holder, and Weather Station so you can choose one that fits your needs.

Each model except the Basic comes with a plant holder. And the SmartWind Weather Station and SmartWind Sconce Light both feature dimmable lights you can manage on your smartphone or home assistant. Plus, you can set the lights to turn on or off on a schedule.

Then, the SmartWind Weather Station shows you the current weather conditions in your areas, weather warnings, and more.

Enjoy autonomous cooling

You know those days just after a heatwave? The outside air is cool, but you need to run the AC because your home is still hot. With the SmartWind, you don’t have to do that anymore.

SmartWind detects cool air outside, allowing the gadget to automatically bring cool air from outside and brings it into your home at the fan power you last configured.

And when your room reaches the set temperature, the vent closes by itself; you won’t have to get up at night to close the window if you feel too cold.

Prep your home for hotter days with the Pre-Cool feature

Another helpful feature is the Pre-Cool option. Since the device monitors the weather, it can also plan for hot days by activating the Pre-Cool setting earlier in the morning.

Doing this consistently for a few days before hot weather pushes your need for AC until later in the day.




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