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Computers aren’t the only way to upgrade the tech in your office. In fact, there is a vast range of solutions at Ergo Desks that will help you streamline how you work and make your entire setup more efficient, whether you are working from home or gaming.

In this blog, we’ll highlight three cool bits of tech on offer and why a premium standing desk is becoming an increasingly popular gadget.

In Desk USB and Mains Power Unit

Cable management is an eternal struggle at any desk. Having to charge your phone is one thing, but we live in an increasingly charge-reliant world with many people having Bluetooth headphones, a wireless mouse and/or keyboard, portable scanners, e-readers, and countless other gadgets are competing for a place to charge.

Ergo Desks came up with a more efficient solution that didn’t involve an endless tangle of cables and clutter. Ergo desks’ in desk USB and mains power unit allows two USB cables to be attached, as well as a three-point plug connected to the mains.

Never again get caught out leaving the office with earphones on 3% charge for the commute home, or have to go wandering with an extension lead to plug in an electronic you only use occasionally. Keep everything neat, handy, and organised with this fantastic little gadget.

Bluetooth Controller

Wireless connectivity is changing how we interact with all kinds of devices in our daily lives. From wireless smoke alarms to central heating systems, mice and keyboards, and even our fridges and ovens, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity are everywhere.

Bluetooth controllers are a new addition to Ergo Desks’ range. They provide the easiest and most intuitive method to interact with their high quality standing desks, allowing you to raise and lower your desk just by interacting with your phone.

The app allows you to track exactly how much time you have spent sitting or standing. Plus, you can set helpful reminders to make sure you are making the most of the benefits of a standing desk. The app even lets you save your individual settings to ensure it always goes straight to your optimal height.

Adjustable Electric Desks

Of course, everything discussed so far is an accessory to the main event. The ultimate gadget that Ergo Desks’ have to offer is an adjustable electric standing desk which can raise and lower with just a click of a button or, as mentioned, Bluetooth.

Standing desks have been around for a long time, but often they were permanently raised or so cumbersome that you’d be hesitant to try and adjust them. Ergo’s goal is to show that is no longer the case, and their high quality standing desks raise and lower effortlessly, giving you complete control.

The benefits of a standing desk are very real and noticeable. The impact on your posture and back health will be immediate – not to mention the boost in productivity.

Whether you want a more rugged industrial style with the Hades Standing Desk with its exposed welding and metalwork, or something more sleek and neutral like the ever-popular Atlas, Ergo Desks’ vast and varied range of standing desks mean there is something for everyone.

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