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Creative professionals looking for a more effective way to speed up their workflow may be interested in the new TourBox Elite editing controller, being marketed as the first Bluetooth editing controller in the industry. Not only does the layout of the TourBox Elite enable you to speed up your workflow but it also provides a more natural and intuitive way of accessing and controlling functions and settings within your favorite editing application or software.

The TourBox Elite enables creators to easily assign application specific functions and shortcuts using a variety of different control mechanisms depending on your preference, whether it be knob, dial, scroll or buttons. Providing an easy way to manage your favorite editing apps and speed up your creative process enabling you to be more productive and focus on creativity rather than learning sometimes distracting keyboard shortcuts.

The TourBox Elite editing controller has been designed to be used with one hand, freeing up your other to control a Wacom tablet, stylus, mouse or other peripheral. In this review we will be taking an in-depth look at the functionality of the TourBox Elite.

TourBox Elite editing controller ergonomic design

Thanks to its small form factor the TourBox takes up much less space on your desk when compared to other controllers on the market and each control on the TourBox from button to dial has been finished with a different shape and texture making it easy to navigate by touch alone. Allowing you to concentrate your gaze on your screen rather than continually glancing at your controller forefinger positioning. The unique design of the TourBox and textured finishes providing smooth, flat and curved controls that become second nature, thanks to the ergonomic design of the controller which sits neatly under your hand during use, making available a wealth of functionality directly under your fingertips.

Whether your editing photographs, video, 3D models or music the TourBox Elite provides quick access to the essential functions of your favorite applications and has become an efficient addition to my workflow, with handy easy to access sliders for editing and retouching a variety of different sources. Providing a much more accurate adjustment level when compared to mouse or manual input using shortcuts. Allowing me to concentrate on editing the photograph rather than the keystrokes within a specific app, whether it be in Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw or Capture One.

Two of my most used functions when working, include the canvas rotation and brush tool functionalities and after a few modifications to the presets provided by the TourBox Console by default I was quickly able to create a custom workflow tailored to my editing preferences. Enhancing my workflow in a way that other controllers are not able to provide. Allowing me to quickly adjust brush size, transparency, rotate, scale my canvas and even switch between different brushes without a second thought or taking my mind away from the creative process.

When combined with a drawing tablet the TourBox Elite removes the need to use a keyboard or mouse, enabling you to sketch with one hand and control aspects of the application, as well as freeing up space on your desk by removing the need for a keyboard.

Video editing is also significantly easier using the TourBox Elite and allows you to use professional video editing applications such as Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve with ease. With the TourBox …….



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