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Probably the most popular smart feature of a wallet is an RFID protection against money or data theft. But Bluetooth trackers such as the popular Airtags (test report) are increasingly finding their way into wallets. In this buying guide, we present wallets that already have these and other functions with them. We will also be showing cost-effective solutions for “retrofitting” RFID blockers, Bluetooth trackers, power banks, multi-tools, USB sticks or even an entire cell phone.

Bluetooth finder for the wallet

The currently most popular and probably also the best Bluetooth finder is the Apple Airtag (test report). It can be set up very easily without an additional app and, thanks to the perfect community search, works reliably even outside the Bluetooth range. However, it has two catches. On the one hand, it only works with Apple devices and, on the other hand, there is no mounting option.

The I-Clip Airtag wallet has a double-walled cut-out for the Apple Airtag in its leather flap. It also has space for up to 12 cards and notes. I-Clip’s wallets are popular among the editorial staff because of their light and compact design and ease of use.

But there are also options for non-Apple users to retrofit their wallet with Bluetooth trackers. Bluetooth finders in credit card format, such as the Tile Slim (test report), are particularly practical. It is only about three millimeters thick and still offers a decent range. Its disadvantage: the battery is permanently installed and cannot be replaced. After all, according to the manufacturer, it should last three years. The Orbit Card-Tracker (test report) also comes in credit card format and even has a rechargeable battery. We have summarized all test reports and a lot more in our key finder theme world. Including our comparison test: Twelve Bluetooth key finders.

For those who regularly save data on a USB stick and always want to carry it with them, there are solutions in credit card form.

Wallet with integrated bluetooth finder

If you don’t want an external key finder, you will find a few wallets on the market that already integrate Bluetooth. However, caution is advised here. Often these are very cheap products imported directly from China, the quality of which can fluctuate. For example, the XAJGW Smart Wallet costs a good 30 euros and still offers Bluetooth tracking via app and a warning signal if the wallet is more than ten meters away from the smartphone.


Some of these wallets cost just a few cents on Amazon. However, the retailers refinance themselves through the shipping costs that are incurred for each individual product.

RFID blockers are even cheaper. Ten credit card-sized envelopes cost from 23 cents including shipping costs. RFID protection cards in credit card form are a bit more expensive, but still affordable. Like a burger bun, they cover the outer cards in the wallet and protect the NFC cards from data theft.

We find slots for wallets without their own change pocket, which offer …….



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