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The greatest tech show on earth isn’t the same, but CES is being held in Las Vegas after canceling the live event last year due to COVID-19. While the in-person event is back on, many tech companies pulled out of CES this year due to concerns about the Omicron variant of the virus.

That doesn’t necessarily mean a shortage of unique and interesting gadgets though.

Like Google, Meta, and other large tech companies, I took decided at the last minute to skip CES 2022 but I have been able to tour the show floor virtually as well as attend some of the main tech shows via video. And just like in a normal year, there are gadgets and devices being released that make you say “Wow,” or at least, “Hmm, that’s interesting.”

The Y-Brush is a toothbrush in a mouthpiece that promises to brush all of your teeth in just 10 seconds.

Adeline Andrieu agreed to a video chat from the Y-Brush booth where unfortunately she could not demonstrate the toothbrush but did explain how it works.

“With Y brush it has bristles everywhere in the brush,” Andrieu said, “So you’re brushing all the spaces of your teeth so you don’t even have to think about it. You just put it in your mouth and it’s doing the job, that’s how you’re saving time.”

She said you first place the Y-Brush so it brushes the top teeth, and after 5 seconds you can turn it over for the bottom teeth. Inside are 34,000 nylon bristles that brush all of the teeth simultaneously.

How does it brush your teeth in 10 seconds and still do a good job of brushing, I asked? “It’s thanks to the shape, it has a Y shape so you can brush all the teeth of one jaw at the same time. You can use any toothpaste in the Y-Brush though they sell their own brand in a start-up kit. The company also has toothpaste tablets.

Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder equipped with a camera and microphone. When a bird stops by, the high-definition camera captures a photo as the microphone records the chirps. It sends a notification to your phone with the photo. The Bird Buddy app identifies the species and saves the photo and description in a database for all users.

PitPat is a dog collar gadget that tracks pooches and lets owners see if their pet is getting enough exercise. It’s connected by GPS so it doesn’t need a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. It’s like a Fitbit for Fido and can suggest the precise amount of food to feed them based on how many calories they burn.

John Deere unveiled autonomous tractors that are controlled by an app on a smartphone. Just swipe up on the screen to crank up the tractor and start plowing.

And DroneDeck is a drone delivery system. The package is tied to the drone which uses GPS to fly to someone’s house. There’s a drop box in the yard. The drone knows precisely where it’s located and can gently lower the package into the box which closes so only the homeowner can open it. The company is calling it the mailbox of the future.

CES was all virtual last year. Hopefully next year everything will be back to normal and we get to see some …….

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