UNLEASHED Bluetooth camera remote makes timelapses, long exposures & geotagging easy – Gadget Flow

January 2, 2022 by No Comments

Hold all the control you desire in the palm of your hand with the Unleashed ’22 Bluetooth camera module. Connected to its app using Bluetooth Low Energy, this tiny gadget offers a ton of features. You can use it to activate remote triggering for tripod shots, video recording with multiple cameras, and long exposures up to 4.5 hours. Furthermore, it makes timelapses, even advanced holy grail day-to-night transitions, so much easier. From the app, you can view a gallery with high-resolution photos as well as share photos with family, friends, and other professionals. Easily change settings in the app without ever touching your camera, and get direct in-camera geotagging. Use it to take pro-level selfies, breathtaking astro photos, creative light-paintings, and more. It remains flat on the side of your camera and pairs in seconds. Powered by the camera battery, it requires no charging.

Source: https://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/unleashed-bluetooth-camera-remote-makes-timelapses-long-exposures-geotagging-easy/


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