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Artists, designers, makers and photographers will all require different tech and tools for their work, but we can all agree there are some things that we could all benefit from to enhance our desk space.

Now that 2022 is well underway, we thought we’d have an enjoyable review of the latest products and desk accessories out there. From video conferencing gadgets, lighting and podcasting to brand new cameras, standing desk aids and funky additions to boost your creativity or just brighten your world.

Please note that some of the following recommendations have been gifted and tested by the team here at Creative Boom, so we’ll give you our honest feedback along the way.

Desk lighting

The desk classic in a design that pops: Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp

We’re starting strong with a design that’s familiar to all: the classic Anglepoise lamp but with a striking twist, as this ‘Edition Five’ has been made in collaboration with Sir Paul Smith. As such, the Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp comes in an array of interesting colours and is available from £209. It’s an accessory that will never date or let you down, looking as good on your desk as it is functional.

Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp: Paul Smith Edition. Priced at £225

Lighting and charging with speaker: Groov-e Apollo

Groove-e’s Apollo LED lamp is the perfect fit for those of us with particularly small desks. It comes with a built-in wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker, too. It also offers three light modes, has touch control, is USB powered so you can take it anywhere, and is available in white or black. We especially love the soft glow, so it doesn’t distract or hurt our eyes. And the flexible neck allows loads of adjusting to get the right angle. Priced at £29.99, it’s an affordable option and our cheapest suggestion of the bunch.

Groov-e Apollo lamp. Priced at £29.99

Modern wooden lamp for a softer glow: Geo 200 Lamp

Not all of us want the sleek metal desk lamps of the Anglepoise kind. Some of us would prefer softer, more homely lighting. Enter the Geo 200 Lamp by Prior Made – modern, wooden lamp bases that are bold and eye-catching with a chance to design your own. There are 17 paint colours to choose from and 16 cables, so you can pick options to suit your office scheme. Made using sustainable and responsibly sourced plywood, finished with natural hard wax oil. Priced from £134.

Geo 200 Lamp by Prior Made. Priced at £134

When space is tight: Geo Filament Lamp

Sticking with Prior Made, we love this minimalistic wooden lamp that is once again customisable, depending on your home office interior. A little dash of geometric design with a filament bulb included, you can choose from 17 colours and 16 cables to add your own touch. We love Sea Blue with Orange, but there are countless combinations available. Priced at £114.

Geo Filament Lamp by Prior Made. Priced at £114

For when you need lighting to work harder: Key Light Air

With industrial-grade LEDs that keep intense lighting on your desk but without hurting the eyes, the Key Light Air is something many of us are considering as our next investment. It’s got a flat profile, small footprint and integrated cable management system that keeps your setup tidy. And the Control Center app gives you ultimate …….

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