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On our weekly list of the newest gadgets in town, we have Seniorworld’s motion-sensing light, iGear’s rechargeable chopper, Tempo Vision’s virtual gym and more. Take a look at the full list below:

Gadget review – iQOO Z5

Powered by Qualcomm’s SD 778G 5G mobile platform, the iQOO Z5 is an excellent all-round performer be it gaming, photography or multimedia experience. I’ve been using it as a secondary phone for the past few months and have come away extremely satisfied. Particularly impressive is the 5000mAh battery which is optimised to give a day and half of charge while playing even the most graphic intensive games. The 6.67” screen comes with a 120Hz refresh rate and is great for scrolling through apps/webpages as well as watching OTT content. Photographs and video taken from the Z5 are clear, sharp and vivid both via front and rear cameras. Audio clarity is excellent with Hi-Res output on compatible speakers. iQOO smartphones are also well balanced and a pleasure to hold in hand, even for longer hours. At this price point its all good for the iQOO Z5. INR 23,990.

Seniorworld Juvo Wonderlite

Here’s an excellent device aimed at seniors but just as useful for all of us. The Wonderlite with Torch is a battery-operated motion sensing light which gets automatically activated (switched on) by sensing motion. This is ideal to avoid accidents (especially falls) that Seniors face with advancing age due to reduced balance, vision and other factors. Setup is easy with the Wonderlite easily attaching to walls/shelves. I found the device to work perfectly even in pitch dark conditions. It also can be used as a torch with a bright throw courtesy a 40 lumen LED. The device runs on AA batteries adding to convenience. Do note seniorworld also has a wide range of other safety products for your home. INR 1,390.

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Portronics Pure Sound 1

Portronics is popular for the wide range and quality of its accessories, their new Pure Sound 1 is an affordable Bluetooth speaker that works as a soundbar and speaker providing stereo sound for TV content as well as your music. Set up is relatively straightforward, ease of connections to devices makes it friendly with smartphones, tablets and your large TV. Sound is acceptable with dialogue clear overall. Action scenes can be a bit overwhelming though. Music is decent via Apple Music and Spotify, with Bluetooth stable connections. The speaker is wired and needs to be connected to power to function. INR 3,499.

Tempo Move

Powered by 3D Tempo Vision, Move helps you turn your home into a super virtual gym. Offering real time feedback, all you need is a TV and a smartphone. Tempo will guide you through workouts providing you tips and feedback on your form, targets and motivate you further. Tempo also tracks performance and tweaks workouts. The Unit is compact and comes with a modular design. INR 30,000.

Powerup 4 remote plane

If you’re into paper planes, this might be your ultimate gadget, the Powerup 4.0 is a smartphone controlled paper airplane that looks ultra cool. With upto 10 mins of flight time per charge, the Power is easy to fly and connects to …….



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