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Like many other true wireless earbuds available in the market, the design of the Vivo TWS 2 is also inspired by that of Apple AirPods Pro. We got the white unit and it looks quite similar to the AirPods. The earbuds sport a stem-like design and are also light in weight. Vivo TWS 2 comes in a round charging case that can easily fit in your jeans pocket. The front of the charging case houses a function key and the status light. The earbuds and the charging case offer a glossy finish which makes them prone to fingerprints and scratches. The bottom of the charging case houses the USB Type C charging port.

Coming to the earbuds, the Vivo TWS 2 as mentioned above features a stem-like design and just as the charging case the earbuds also come with glossy finish which makes it prone to fingerprints. The earbuds measure 4.7 grams and their in-ear design offers a comfortable fit. The earbuds come with medium-sized ear tips pre-installed. However, the company has also bundled large and small-sized ear tips with the hearable and you can change them at your convenience. The true wireless earbuds from Vivo also come with an optical sensor which enables wear detection. This means that when you plug out the earbuds, then the music will automatically stop. The bottom part of the earbuds consists of magnetic charging contacts and a microphone next to it.

The Vivo TWS 2 comes with pinch pressure control instead of the touch controls that you find in other TWS. The pinch pressure controls can be used to play and pause the music, receive or disconnect calls, change soundtracks and also control the volume. Overall, the TWS from Vivo offers a decent design which is light in weight and is also easy to carry. On the other hand, the earbuds also offer a comfortable fit and they are perfect to wear during your workout sessions.
The Vivo TWS 2 also comes with an IP54 rating which makes it dust, water, sweat, splash and rain-resistant. But keep in mind that only the earbuds are water-resistant and not the charging case.

At this price point, the earbuds offer a good build quality.

Features and performance
The Vivo TWS 2 comes with active noise cancellation and supports Bluetooth version 5.2. The true wireless earbuds support aptX Adaptive high-quality audio codec which promises to bring the latency down to 88ms. The low latency rate offered by the true wireless earbuds turns out to be useful during gaming sessions. In case your phone does not support aptX Adaptive codec, then it will support AAC. The aptX Adaptive is enabled by default and you can disable it manually if you want to.

The Vivo TWS 2 is quite easy to pair. You just have to put the earbuds in the charging case and press and hold the function button for 2 seconds. After this, the LED indicator on the case will start blinking this means that the earbuds are now ready to be paired. You now have to open the Bluetooth settings on your phone to establish the connection. The Vivo TWS 2 also comes with Google Fast Pair functionality. This means that if your phone supports this feature then your smartphone will automatically get connected to the earbuds when you open the case. Along with this, the true wireless earbuds also support multipoint connection, this means that you can connect two devices with the TWS at …….



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