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People sometimes face trouble while pairing with a new Bluetooth device or staying connected with the device already paired. This might be due to a corrupted Bluetooth cache on your device.

Bluetooth comes as an in-built tool in all mobile phones and laptops. It helps in connecting and pairing your devices with other gadgets so as to share media like photos, songs and videos. The only disadvantage of connecting devices via Bluetooth is that it is short-range wireless connection technology and does not cover far-off distances.

Clearing the Bluetooth cache manually on both Android and iOS devices is an easy option and can solve connectivity issues.

Steps to clear the Bluetooth cache on Android devices:

Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ of your device. Tap on ‘Connections’ and then select ‘Bluetooth’.

Step 2: In case you are having issues in connecting with a device already paired, search for it in the ‘Paired Devices list’ and then tap on ‘Unpair’ from the gear icon.

Step 3: If you are facing pairing and connectivity issues in general, you will be required to unpair every Bluetooth device and re-pair it later.

There is another way of clearing the Bluetooth cache on Android devices. You can follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to ‘Apps’.

Step 2: Next, go to the Bluetooth option and select it.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Storage’ and ‘Clear Cache’.

Point to note: You need to restart your device and then start pairing it with other Bluetooth devices.

How to clear the cache on iOS devices?

Step 1: Open ‘Settings’ and select ‘Bluetooth’.

Step 2: In case you are facing problems in connecting with a specific device, find it in the ‘My Devices list’ and tap on the ‘i’ icon, then choose the ‘Forget This Device’ option.

Step 3: If you are unable to pair up with any device, forget every Bluetooth device in the ‘My Devices list’.

Step 4: Now, restart your iPhone or any other iOS device to clear the cache. After restarting, you will be required to re-pair with Bluetooth devices again.

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