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While the advent of mobile phones has made our lives a lot easier, too much mobile addiction can cost us a lot, as it did for a man from Vadodara. While traffic cops had a laugh at the man’s incredible stunt of riding his bike hands-free while holding two cell phones in each hand, the move cost him dearly. The man was recorded in the act through a CCTV camera.

Vadodara police has posted the CCTV footage with a sarcastic caption. ‘Two phones in both hands. All while riding a bike. Look at how busy this man is’ the caption read. The man is also seen without a helmet in the video. He completely let go of the bike handles as he was holding phones in both hands.

The man, identified as Mukesh Makhijani, was later sent an e-challan by the police. He was fined ₹1000 for his careless act.

Using a phone while driving or riding is absolutely illegal under the Indian motor vehicle laws. In India, even wearing headphones while riding a two-wheeler is prohibited. According to the Bangalore Police, it is unlawful to use headphones while driving or riding a motorcycle by inserting them under the helmet. Even if you’re not using earphones for a call, it’s unlawful to wear them under the helmet. Even listening to music with earphones while driving is prohibited.

Similarly, if you put your phone under your helmet, the cops will issue a citation. It is also forbidden to use Bluetooth gadgets. Using any form of electronic device while riding a motorcycle is against the law. While riding a two-wheeler, it is unlawful to listen to music using headphones or Bluetooth devices. People travelling by car, on the other hand, can listen to music as long as it does not cause any inconvenience to other drivers.

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While driving, looking at a phone screen or conversing on the phone can be extremely distracting. It can also result in a slew of mishaps. It is preferable to put phones aside while driving or at the very least come to a complete stop in a safe location to use them.

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