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A PC is a multipurpose system. With the help of an organization, these devices communicate with one another. Which is related to the internet. When we are experiencing the same situation, we may surely use perusing, call, web. In 2022, how can I see my iPhone’s MAC address?

Before the invention of electronic gadgets, many were concerned that if everyone’s location was linked to the same organization, a problem would arise. As a result, the MAC address has been created, and it is a fascinating number.

In this post, we will learn how to view the MAC address on an iPhone.

Let’s Understand about MAC Address-

MAC is an abbreviation for Media Access Control. It is also known by a variety of other names (Physical Address, Hardware Address). This MAC address is recognized by all electrical and network devices. This is also a separate spot for all organizational tools.

The Macintosh address is a unique identifier for all organizational devices. As a result, this address is one of a kind. No less than two devices share the same MAC address.

MAC address is found in six pairs. It can be written in three ways.


When we need to connect one device to another, the MAC address is assumed to be present. Each device has a one-of-a-kind MAC address. which cannot be altered.

There are some advantages of MAC Address are as follows-

  • This MAC functions just like GPS. If your gadget is called or taken by chance, you may use its aid to track it down.
  • With its support, you can obstruct a certain tool. As a result, that device can no longer be linked to your phone or PC in the future.
  • With the use of MAC addresses, we can connect one device to another.

Here are steps to find MAC Address on iPhone-


Step 1 – Firstly tap on setting and select the general option

You open the Settings app on your iPhone. After the Settings application is open, scroll down a bit. Now click on the General option.

Step 2 – Then click on the about option

In the general setting, you will get the option of about on the first number itself. Click on that option.

Step 3 – At last MAC address will be listed on the wi-fi address

The MAC address of your device will be found in the Wi-Fi address. Wi-Fi address and Bluetooth have the same MAC address.

So, these steps are the simplest way to find MAC Addresses on iPhone.

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