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Apple users who are building their smart homes know the frustration of tracking down HomeKit-compatible gadgets. So today we’re here to update you with devices that can integrate into your smart home. Read on to check out our latest list of HomeKit gadgets. You won’t want to miss it!

Apple has been gradually improving its home automation offerings through its Siri and HomeKit services. While Apple itself doesn’t manufacture more than a few smart home gadgets, other third-party companies do precisely that.

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There are all kinds of great devices that are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, and we’re going to take a closer look at which you can buy (along with a few that are coming soon). Of course, before we jump to the list, let’s also recap what HomeKit is all about, shall we?

Apple HomeKit Promo Image

What is Apple HomeKit and how does it work?

Apple HomeKit is a smart home platform. It lets you control smart home devices that are connected to the internet. These devices can range in type from lighting to monitoring to entertainment. And that only scratches the surface. In order for you to interface with HomeKit-connected devices, you’ll simply need to use your Apple smartphone or tablet.

An iPad and iPhone running commands using HomeKit

HomeKit isn’t exactly a physical piece of hardware nor is it software. The system acts as a framework that ties the various products (like those above) together so you can use Siri or your interfacing device to send commands and actions. It also provides the foundation for you to create custom automation routines as well.

So where do you find Apple HomeKit compatible products? Just look for the Works with Apple HomeKit stamp on in-store products and check product descriptions online for similar information.

Not all products are good about mentioning support, but plenty of them make it clear. To make it a little easier, let’s move on to our list so you can start forging your HomeKit-powered smart home.

Apple HomePod mini smart speaker provides voice commands, high-resolution audio, and more.

Apple HomePod mini smart speaker

How can we not kick off our list of the latest HomeKit gadgets with the Apple HomePod mini smart speaker? It’s basically like a voice control hub for controlling your HomeKit-connected smart home.

Apple HomePod mini smart speaker has built-in Siri, so it’s always listening. This way you can give voice commands to control HomeKit devices.

Not only that, but you can also benefit from other Siri functions like the weather forecast, calendar information, and helpful reminders. HomePod mini also features 360-degree acoustic waveguide audio and is linkable to another to create a richer sound. It can also sense your phone and announce calls and updates as well.

The Apple HomePod mini comes in multiple colors. Get it for $99.

Belkin Wemo Smart Plug with Thread

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