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When everyone is preparing for days at the beach, it only makes sense to shop for new things to make the most of that time. But what are the best devices and technologies worth buying? Don’t sweat it—we’ve got you covered. Here are the best summer gadgets for 2022.

What’s more synonymous with summer than the beach? On those warm days when you’re looking to soak up the sun, use the ocean to cool down, lounge around, or play some games, there are plenty of gadgets to add to the fun. So what are the best beach gadgets and technologies to see in 2022? Great question, and one we’re about to dive into. Grab that iced coffee, stretch out that scrolling finger, and let’s get started!

La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels

What’s more important to take to the beach than a beach towel? But you don’t want just any old towel, do you? Not when you can get a premium quality towel at a low and affordable cost.

The La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels use 100% Turkish cotton and are thin and lightweight. They also dry very quickly and don’t collect sand. They’re also soft and durable too, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort for longevity. Best of all, they’re quite versatile and make for great yoga mats, blankets, and more.

You can get the La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels here for $30.

Garmin Descent G1 Series is made with divers in mind and offers health monitoring and more.

Garmin Descent G1 Series watch

Planning on doing a little diving while hitting the shores this summer? While some watches hold up against water, this watch can withstand more extreme marine excursions.

The Garmin Descent G1 Series is made with divers in mind. It features a water rating of up to 100 meters and provides leakproof inductive buttons. The watch also uses a tough sapphire lens and is compatible with many QuickFit bands. It also comes with sleep, fitness, and health tracking as well. The battery? Don’t worry. It lasts up to 48 days and can charge via solar. This is a rugged watch to hit the oceans with and makes for one of the best summer beach gadgets.

You can get the Garmin Descent G1 Series watch here for $550.

Sony LinkBuds S earbuds deliver high-quality audio and water resistance, plus hands-free control.

Sony LinkBuds S earbuds

We all like to listen to music at the beach, so a good pair of earbuds are always nice to bring along. Sony’s latest earbuds provide a well-rounded user and listener experience that’s hard to pass up.

Sony LinkBuds S earbuds are beach-ready with IPX4 water resistance and hands-free controls. You can use the Alexa voice assistant or use Speak-To-Talk to pause audio when you want to talk to someone. Most importantly, the earbuds use advanced audio processing, spatial audio support, and a 5-mm driver to deliver rich, immersive sound. They’re a no-brainer for music lovers if they’re within your budget.

You can get the Sony LinkBuds S earbuds here for $198.

Polaroid Go Instant Camera is lightweight and can print color photos in under 15 minutes.

Polaroid Go Instant Camera

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