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No matter if you’re a professional streamer or an aspiring one, there’s no shortage of handy streaming products to choose from. That’s why this week we’re showcasing some of our favorite picks for the best gadgets for streamers! From lights and decor to audio and video tools, there’s a slew of cool devices to explore. Read on to learn more!

Streaming is big nowadays. For some, it’s a profession and a way of life. Others simply enjoy it as a hobby. Regardless of who you are, one thing is for sure: You can’t stream without embracing technology. This is because streaming utilizes a wide range of devices and processes. So what kind of technologies do you need and what are the best gadgets for streamers? Great questions and one we’re here to answer.

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If you’re going to stream, it goes without saying that you need a decent PC or laptop to get started. For example, even if your core content isn’t gaming-based, most of your editing is still likely to take place on a computer. Next, you’ll need a camera and a microphone. Perhaps a solid pair of studio or gaming headphones as well. No worries, however. We’ve got you covered. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best gadgets for streamers. From audio and video equipment to background lighting, there are plenty of ideas to inspire you. Let’s get to it!

NINJA Professional Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk

What’s better than a regular gaming desk? A gaming standing desk! What streamer can’t appreciate the flexibility of being able to sit or stand as needed during recording sessions?

The NINJA Professional Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk is a motorized standing desk that can accommodate a wide range of people. It’s wheelchair friendly and works for anyone as tall as 6-feet 8-inches. It can also support up to 264 lbs. The desk uses quiet, memory-controlled, and Swedish-made dual motors that can be adjusted between 595-mm and 1,300-mm. There’s also a black gaming-themed scratch-resistant surface along with built-in LED lighting. The desk is available in 3 different sizes as well.

You can get the NINJA Professional Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk here for $1273.

Elgato Green Screen Mouse Mat lets you remove deskspace from videos and add in backgrounds.

Elgato Green Screen Mouse Mat

Sometimes you want to record your desktop without having its surface overpower the content you’re making. Using the power of Green Screen technology, you have new ways in which you can deal with this issue.

The Elgato Green Screen Mouse Mat is perfect for creators who want to show their hands, especially while delivering tutorials and unboxing videos. Using a camera you’re able to record and then remove the mat (and all that’s beneath it) from view. Instead, your viewers are left with whatever is on the mat, your hands, and any backgrounds you decide to add. The mat also includes rubber backing to ensure it doesn’t slip along with enough space for your mouse, keyboard, and more.

The Elgato Green Screen Mouse Mat is available here for $30.

ROCCAT Torch microphone offers 24-bit audio quality, RGB lighting, and 3 different pick-up patterns.

ROCCAT Torch microphone

Microphones are an important part of streaming. …….

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