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There are plenty of futuristic gadgets to talk about in 2021. Some introduce cutting-edge technologies, while others refine existing designs. Today we’re taking a look at some of the sci-fi-inspired devices we’ve seen this year that are closer than you think.

This year, we’re seeing technology fly by faster than ever. There are so many great devices, some still in conceptual development and others already available on store shelves. What’s particularly interesting is how much of today’s tech seems inspired by fictional futurism.

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It appears that technological growth is exponential lately, so we’re inspired to take a look back at some of the most futuristic gadgets we’ve seen in 2021. Ready to check them out with us? Let’s go!

gita and gitamini robots can carry gear and groceries all while following you around

Get help carrying groceries with the gita robot

Ever dreamed of having a robot that can follow you to the grocery store and carry your bags back for you? You’re in luck because that’s exactly what the gita and gitamini robots can do. Holding up to 20 lbs of cargo, they can follow for as much as 21 miles! Better yet, they charge fairly quickly so you can use them again shortly after.

You can find the gita and gitamini robots on the official website for $1,850.

Sony REON POCKET 2 warms and cools with a variety of controllable temperature levels

Control your personal temperature with Reon Pocket 2

Human augmentation is the kind of thing you expect to see in cyberpunk genre fiction, yet we’re seeing an increase in body-interacting technology these days. Sony’s REON POCKET 2 wearable temperature controller uses semiconductor technology to heat and cool your body. It can get anywhere from 3 hours to 20 hours of battery life based on the settings used.

You can get Sony’s REON POCKET 2 from the official website for $130.24.

Looking Glass Portrait is the holograph photo frame you need in your future-inspired smart home

Looking Glass Portrait in action

Do you know what would complement your smart home? A Looking Glass Portrait photo frame. Using 3D holographic technology reminiscent of Star Wars, it can display still or motion images with real depth. You don’t need any sort of VR or AR viewing devices either. Sign us up!

You can preorder the Looking Glass Portrait holographic photo frame on the official website for $399.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smartphone has a 6.7-inch folding dynamic AMOLED FHD display

The folding screen of the Z Flip3 is noteworthy

Whether it gets everything right or not is beside the point. The reality is that we’ve pondered for a long time about how folding smartphone displays might work, and we finally have them. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is a 5G-enabled smartphone boasting a 6.7″ dynamic FHD display. This fancy screen can bend with each opening and closing of the device, folding to half its size. You don’t have to like the phone to admit the technology itself is impressive.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smartphone from the official website starting at $399.

OPUS SoundBed uses sound and vibration …….

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